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Welcome to GreaterRealms!

GreaterRealms is a text-based, play-by-post, play-by-chatroom free form role playing website. GreaterRealms considers itself a writer's role playing website, focusing strongly on player driven character interactions and story lines. GreaterRealms uses the cross-genre RhyDin setting. All character types are welcome here.

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Khoom Helston
Jun 29, 2017, 08:02:49 PM by Khoom Helston
Views: 6585 | Comments: 0

One more time for the month, this Friday, June 30th!  Come one, come all, come to the FUNDERDOME!

Starting time around 7:30 EST!  Food and drinks for free!
Khoom Helston
Feb 15, 2017, 08:20:46 PM by Khoom Helston
Views: 7709 | Comments: 0

Time for another excursion into the FUNDERDOME!  Not gone, and not at all forgotten!  Come help knock the rust off, Thursday night (Feb 16th)!  Food and drinks are on the house!

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