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Welcome to GreaterRealms!

GreaterRealms is a text-based, play-by-post, play-by-chatroom free form role playing website. GreaterRealms considers itself a writer's role playing website, focusing strongly on player driven character interactions and story lines. GreaterRealms uses the cross-genre RhyDin setting. All character types are welcome here.

Dec 10, 2015, 09:49:31 PM by Crystal
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Flyers decorated literally every surface they could be stuck to, hung from, or printed on - including anyone who held still long enough.  Someone was very excited about a birthday, and it wasn't the birthday boy himself.  A small, spotted Kirn with black streaks in auburn hair was leaving a flurry of birthday flyers in her wake.[/fon...
The Redneck
Nov 25, 2015, 06:10:10 PM by The Redneck
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Starting late Wednesday evening the Dream Chasing Foundation, and its various arms and partners began setting up community meals throughout the city.

Trestle tables loaded down with a wide variety of mains and sides and desserts stretched four long, end to end and were set up under large pavilion tents in empty lots, or in empty store fronts. Seating, tables, dinner ware and flat ware are provided as well. The chill was ...

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