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Welcome to GreaterRealms Donations!

December Goal: $5.00
Due Date: Dec 31
Total Receipts: $12.00
PayPal Fees: $0.65
Net Balance: $11.35
Above Goal: $6.35
Site Currency: USD

Welcome to GreaterRealms donation page! GreaterRealms is a community driven website for role players, by role players. There's never any pressure to donate to use or enjoy GreaterRealms! We are a free-to-use-website forever and ever! However, if you ARE considering donating, here are a few great reasons why you might want to!


GreaterRealms, while free for all members forever and ever amen--is a self-hosted site using the free-to-use SMF software. Our dream goal for GreaterRealms in the future is to see GR updated and imported to a professional forum software with far better running speeds and amazing built in social aspects to deliver a website far more capable of achieving role play. The second dream is being able to hire a web design artist to create for us a unique, custom GreaterRealms theme that makes GR stand out from all the rest. The third and final dream for GR would be finding, purchasing a much more professional, faster chat room and hiring someone to implement all the custom additions we can feasibly get from said chat room.

The Software for the forum which GR would like to someday own are:
Xenforo (Click here to visit the official Xenforo website) The current price for stand-alone with no ad-ins for Xenforo is $140 for a license. With the Media Gallery, Installation Service & Resource manager add on, the price tag total reaches $310 dollars U.S.

The current Chat software we are looking to switch to, from ProChat is:
BlaB! pro, which is $75 and includes help with integration of forums.


1. Toward our DreamHost yearly bill for hosting this website. ($119.40 yearly)
2. Toward the cost of hiring (if any) expertise for website design, pro modifications, themes
3. Toward Kalamere for his efforts and time to help maintain the back end and code
4. Or toward the cost of hiring expertise to help code, modify, or correct issues with the website.


1. Become either a GreaterRealms Immortal, Demi-God, Deity or Knight of GR - a fun special title with its own unique title image and Who's Online Color
2. Subscribers can hang out and play in their own OOC forum made just for them!
3. Subscribers are able to use attachments for their posts, uploading images or files to share with the forum or decorating their posts.

Whether you donate or subscribe or not doesn't matter to us though, you're still a beautiful role play angel aren't you? And we're glad to have you and your stories here! Thanks for visiting this page and GreaterRealms! We love your faces!

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Pharlen $12.00 (USD)   Dec-1011.35

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DreamHost 1 year Happy Hosting Plan1119.40
Net Balance119.40

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