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Welcome to GreaterRealms! If you are looking for our expanding FAQ for forum, site, chat room, RhyDin and RP, please check out our Knowledge Base ( & Newcomer's Guide ( A copy of our Guidelines can be found there as well. Please take some time to ogle them with your wonderful eyes, thank you!

Section 1: GR's site and chat rating
Section 2: General site-wide guidelines
Section 3: GR's Post and account deletion policy (
Section 4: GR's chat room guidelines (
Section 5: Member management, warnings and banning (

GR's site and chat rating

Language 3: Objectionable and mature language is permitted.

Sexual content 2: Sexual content may be described in detail with some restrictions: No minors, no characters under the age of 18.

Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted.
1.) GreaterRealms is an R rated (Or 3-2-3 using the RPG rating system) role playing site
2.) Members MUST be 18 years or older. Anyone found to be in violation of the age rating will have access revoked.
3.) Our rating means that members may write material(s) which are deemed adult, mature in nature, violent and or laced with profanity: aka: rough and/or persistent violence and suggestive material, hard language, strong horror, strong crude sexual content, sexually-oriented nudity, and/or hard drug use.
4a.) Do not misuse GreaterRealms rating. Posts which consist of nothing but expletives with no obvious attempt at role playing, either on the forum or the chat will be considered trolling or spam.
4b.) Storylines featuring characters under the age of 18 engaging in sexual content or featuring violence, extreme violence, gore, rape, incest or torture on our forums is prohibited. If it is found, it will be removed without warning.

General site-wide Guidelines
1.) Respect your fellow role players.
2.) A player's individual play style or likes in RP are not representative of GR or its members as a whole. Incidentally, there is no right or wrong way to RP--so long as GR's guidelines are being respected--and its members do not have to RP, acknowledge, or be part of an RP style they are not comfortable with.
2a.) To clarify: if someone is IC, role playing something which makes you uncomfortable you are not, nor ever obligated to role play with or role play any situation which makes you uncomfortable. Do not hesitate to use any of the tools available to you here at GR (Blocking/Ignoring on the Forums and in the chat) if communication of discomfort to a player has fallen through--to ensure your experience with us is the best possible! If you encounter a player who you believe has crossed the IC/OCC boundary or has broken a guideline here at GR, please bring it to the staff. We can't help you if we don't know what's going on!

3.) Communication between players is tantamount to the success of this site and your role play. So please attempt to do it often.
If in doubt: ask the player.
If unclear about something: ask the player
If unsure: ask the player
If uncomfortable: notify the player
If unwilling to rp something: notify the player.

We are not suggesting that every single step of RP be planned, negotiated or worked out. We simply suggest communicating more often to help prevent most common issues in RP.

4.) Players should make at least an attempt at resolving out of character issues with players. See rule #3 about communication. It is assumed that all players here are mature individuals. Staff will always be here to assist, but members should be willing to make an attempt to fix issues in the spirit of community and communication.
4a.) Do not share private information about a character's player  (that has not already been shared and accessible/searchable on the world wide web such as real names, who they play, addresses) without permission.
4b.) If you take issue with another website, forum, or online role playing game, please keep those issues to those sites. Do not bring issues that belong elsewhere to GreaterRealms. GR issues for GR, please. 
4b.) Issues involving role players should be kept from the chat rooms. We encourage you to try to work with a fellow role player to iron issues out,  contact the staff to hash out problems.

5.) Stalking, harassment, spam, and purposeful site disruption can result in a temporary or permanent ban. Issues with stalking, harassment, spamming and site disruption are topics which the site staff are more than willing to step in and help with. Please report these behaviors as soon as possible so that we may handle them in a timely manner.

6.) Trolling (a post or a series of posts obviously meant to incite controversy, an apparent foolish contradiction to common knowledge (example: everyone knows babies come from storks, idiot), deliberate insult, also purposeful site disruption will not be tolerated.

7.) Please help us make GR a wonderful community by reporting any topics you find that break the guidelines. Each and every post found within GR has a "Report to Moderator," link within it. If you discover a forum post breaking any of the guidelines, please report it.

8.) GreaterRealms Administration and moderation may edit, close, move or otherwise moderate the forums or chat as well as topics if they feel it is absolutely necessary. GR is not a democracy, a state, or a government: Administration and Moderation will do what is necessary to ensure the safety, sanctity and cohesiveness of this site. 
Title: Section 3
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GR's post and account deletion policy
1.) GreaterRealms does not willingly or knowingly delete member accounts.
2.) Removal of double-posts, mistake posts can be facilitated by contacting an administrator, moderator, or moderator of the forum. They are then moved to a storage forum with Administration Only Access in case the original poster may change their mind in the future.
2. a) Removal of Spam posts can be facilitated by using the, "Report This Post," button on the post itself, in which Administration and Moderation will move the post into storage and Spam account will be banned.
3.) At the original sub-forum creator's request, GreaterRealms can remove subforums from being actively listed, but they are never deleted wholly. They are moved to storage forum with Administration Only access in case of player's changing their minds.
4.) GreaterRealms will not edit or delete your forum posts unless they are mistakenly posted in the wrong: thread, forum, subforum, obviously a double post, blatant spam, harassment, or trolling (as per our guidelines.) The only exception to this rule is:
4. a) If you are an aspiring novelist and looking to reclaim your original content to avoid copy right issues in the future. If you are an aspiring novelist and you feel the need to protect your stories and writing here on GreaterRealms, please contact the administrator to let them know.
Title: Section 4
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GR's chat room guidelines

While our GENERAL GUIDELINES cover the chat room as well, there are a few specific chat-room guidelines in place:
1.) All of our public, default rooms (The Lounge, Brazen, Kaos Coffee, O'Clery's Pub, Delver's Hall, Catacombs, The FUNDERDOME) are logged, including The OOC Lounge. Players may read the logs using the link via Chat. What you say in the Lounge is accessible to anyone.
1.a) The Brazen Wench was created as a courtesy to those who wish to role play the more avert sexual or extremely violent scenes in the chat forum. It has been assumed by the administration that members have moved their overtly sexual or gore-laden role plays to the Brazen out of common courtesy for those who do not wish to read the logs of it, or see it in their live chat. Though our forums are unrestricted, please be respectful to your fellow players and consider moving sexually explicit or extremely violent roleplay to the Brazen if PM's or IM's or creating a private room does not suit you. Thank you.
2.) Player created rooms, public or private will not be logged. Since a player created room is not considered a public permanent room and obviously a password protected room is private, we will not be logging them. You will still have to use the message history button and copy/paste as you go. Member privacy is still a greater concern than convenience. We apologize for any issues this decisions causes and hope you understand.
3.) Do not create rooms or settings that are copies of chat rooms that can be found within the Red Dragon Inn or Rings of Honor. Thank you! If you would like to play in ROH or RDI chat settings, please visit them here: The Red Dragon Inn (, Rings of Honor (
4.) GreaterRealms cannot be held responsible for content in player created rooms that do not break our guidelines. Should you take issue with a player created room, content in a player created room that is not blatant spam, please attempt to discuss the matter with the player, first.
5. a) Please report any spamming of the chat room to staff. (Spam: Advertising for another site not RP related, chat scrollers, porn links).
6.) If you have issues with any content found in our Publicly accessible, permanent rooms, please contact administration anytime.
7.) If you see a member break any of our guidelines in chat, please feel free to contact us anytime.
8.) Live RP/Chat Room RP featuring characters under the age of 18 engaging in sexual content or featuring violence, extreme violence, gore, rape, incest or torture on our forums is prohibited. If it is found, results may end in being silenced, kicked, or banned from chat.
9.) Youtube Videos & Chat sounds are for the OOC Lounge ONLY. Abuse and spamming of either in any of our IC rooms is grounds for being silenced and counts as a warning on your account. Repeat offences can result in being kicked, banned from chat and in worse case scenario, banned from the site.
10.) Chat Room is in PERMANENT Beta state until an alternative (that is not Flash) can be found. These are our currently known issues that have no ETA of a fix: Chat room freezing, missed text in IMs, User names being invisible or Online/Offline messages late, users being randomly booted after going AFK or Idle, or just being booted randomly.

 Please help us improve by reporting any other issues you may have to us anytime in the chat in this thread: (

Out of Character in Chat Rooms
1.) OOC chat is prohibited in Public Default rooms, with the exception of short announcements such at (wb), (AFK), (thank you), etc.. There are so many open avenues for OOC communication (Private Messages, Instant Messengers, Emails, Instant Messenger in Room, Whispers, Texts etc) that we feel there is no need for OOC conversations to happen outside of The Lounge. Please keep our IC rooms IC. 
2.) If you are holding a public event in one of the rooms, please use your best judgement when making an announcement, as abuse of this exception is also prohibited. Announcements should be kept event or RP restricted.
3.) If the room is a player created room, public or private, OOC will be at the discretion of the room's creator.
4.) All of our public rooms are rated R. However, it is the general consensus and suggestion from fellow members, staff & administration that EXPLICITLY DETAILED ACTS OF SEXUAL CONTENT be: Taken to The Brazen Wench OR: taken to a private Room/Whispers/Private Messages. Please use your common sense. If there are 14 people in a room, maybe they don't want to read about giant alien genitals sliding around other gentials. Thanks!
Title: Section 5
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Member management, warnings and banning

1.) GreaterRealms operates under a simple three strike system. Breaking the above Guidelines will result in a member warning. If a member has been warned 3 times, there is no fourth warning. A temporary ban will be placed on their account and all access to the site removed for the duration of the temporary ban.
1a.) Any attempt to circumvent a temporary ban will lead to a permanent ban.
1b.) One exception to the three strike rule is contacting any Administrator or Moderator on the forum or outside of it, and posting insulting or vulgar material out of character directed toward or about Staff because of a temporary ban. This behavior will lead directly to a permanent ban.

2.) Temporary bans last 30 days. At the end of 30 days, temporary banned accounts will be allowed to view and post on GreaterRealms again. During this time the account must not gather anymore warnings, else a permanent ban will occur without further notification.
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Feb - 11th: Edited today to add The FUNDERDOME to the list of chat rooms that have their logs publicly accessible to anyone (logged in or not).

EDIT #2: Added Bold, underlining, and bright red font in Section #4 as well as clarifying that out-right explicit, super detailed sex should be respectfully moved either to The Brazen Wench, Private Rooms, Whispers or Private IM's/Messages and for members to use common sense when it comes to explicitly detailing sexual acts when there are many people in rooms outside of the Brazen (which is a Brothel, so sex makes sense there.)
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Nov. 2nd, 2016 - Removed the recommendation & link to Mutual Endeavors, as site no longer is active.
- Added Section links to first post for easier navigation (FINALLY)
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Friday, February 17th, 2017

Please take a moment to read the polite suggestion and addition to our Chat Room Guidelines Section to move sexually explicit, graphically detailed acts -- including extreme gore -- to The Brazen Wench chat room if a member does not wish to use IM's, PM's, or create their own private room.

While GR's rating allows 18+ materials, as our chat is easily read by all (unlike forums), the chat room's guidelines are slightly different than the forums. (It is easier to skip graphic content on the forum than it is in a live chat room.) This is also an addition made to try and balance the needs and particular likes and dislikes of our member base. I understand we won't be able to please all, but we can try to keep it as streamlined as possible.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, and thank you for your cooperation in following our guidelines. Happy Gaming!