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Awesome Incarnate
1. Character Name:
Darcy Devin Huntington Shimmerscale
4. Character Profile:
As beautiful as a rose. The apple of my eye. Daddy's little girl. As sweet as cherry pie. The diamond in the rough.

Bad childhood makes her wary of most people. But once you get past her sarcastic remarks and slightly murderous threats she's quite pleasant to talk with. Surprisingly intelligent and slightly wise for one as young as her. That pretty mouth of hers will sure spew ugly things. But don't worry. She's a ball of fun. A real lady but watch out this kitty has got claws. Once you mess with those close to her black little heart you regret it the moment you see those claws come out. Hell cat indeed.

Suffice to say that thanks to her past she is a bit...Off. It's not surprising to see her always staring off in the distance lost in daydreams. Listening to voices only she can hear. Or dancing only to music that plays for her alone. Though not certified she is quite mad and when left alone in the most dangerous place in the world, her mind, that madness will peek out from time to time. Insane ramblings that make sense to no one but her.

Being what she is and who she is Darcy is pretty much fearless. Death is the one thing Darcy laughs in the face at. However she keeps her fears, that can be counted on one hand by the way, close to her chest so no one can see that hand...However she will let it be known that she does fear spiders.

Her best buds are Mayday, Groovemaster Chase, her favorite witch LilliLove, and the Cockroach Killa Tara herself! Adding to the list is the twin from a completely different set of parents Sugar Keeper Nikia!

Nicknames: Darc(e), D, Dracy, D-train (as Jin calls her), D-Lilah (as papa bear Joe calls her), Pale 'n Pretty (As LilliLove calls her), Biggest Basement Bait (As named by the RhyDin Post), The Awesome, Awesomeness, Awesome Incarnate, AwesomeSauce, Awesome Brat...Or just any name anyone can say with the word Awesome. ^_^

BCU member.
"Mess With One. Mess With All."

Currently dating? A lady doesn't kiss and tell now do they? However she can currently be seen with a certain Time Lord who seems to have stolen her heart.

You may currently see her wearing a silver chain necklace upon it is a small bottle with light emitting from it. Upon closer observation one will see it is a star that had been shrunk down and contained by magic to fit inside of the bottle. Just one symbol of the Time Lord's love for her.

As of 2/23/2013 The Awesomeness said yes to the Time Lord's proposal of marriage and spending eternity together. On her left ring finger her engagement ring made out of meteorite and silver with a diamond on it.

In her dragon form she's a young dragon the same size as Icer with black and red scales those pretty dark green forest colored depths remain though. Rarely her dragon form is seen as she very rarely uses it. She can also change into her hatchling form which is rarely seen as well.

She's got catlike reflexes. A dancer's grace. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat she can defend herself pretty well but she's not much of a fighter.

She's also a pretty good singer but doesn't usually let anyone know. Ssh. It's a secret. However when the mood strikes her you'll often see her singing and playing her guitar in the Inn. She can also play guitar and you'll see her doing it from time to time. Her guitar being a Gibson SG Standard with a cherry red finish. Also she can dance ballet from years of ballet lessons. But don't be fooled other types of dance come natural to her as well.

Also she makes the best brownies here around in Rhy'Din. They're sweeter than any sinful temptation and more addicting than the best and most potent drug around.

She has also acquired a Crowbatgun or Bat-bar-gun thanks to Tara. Think of a baseball bat with nails in it fused with a sawed off shotgun and a crowbar. Yeah. If she don't threaten you with the knife she'll bust that thing out! Watch out when she swings it though!

She also has a bit of telepathy and telekinesis thanks to skill developing. Also with a mere Bewitched twitch of her nose she can accomplish small feats of magic. However she's currently dabbling and trying to get a gauge on her new abilities. Darcy can also use minor healing magic to minor wounds as well. Aura scans reveal something chaotic and full of death where it can't be understood. Her mind is like a brick wall and can't be penetrated her thoughts can't be read unless she wants them to be.

When "God Mode" is activated her physical appearance does change. Her hair will turn to brown silky locks, skin tone goes from pale to sunkissed, and her eyes will either bleed to black or honey brown. Her clothing will also change to that from ancient Greece period. During this time she has the ability to of course sacrifice any living being in her name or use her strong powers of manipulation to cause someone to sacrifice a living being in her name. She can also capture someone's lifeforce or "spark" if they have recently departed this world and either bring them back in their original physical body/shell or craft them a new one. Very few know of her true name and those that do can summon her by simply whispering it and she will be there to render them aid. When she's in "God-Mode" Darcy will release all of that pent up power she holds in tightly in a closed fist. Those sensitive to magicks and are lesser beings will feel physical pressure, may find it hard to breath, and even choke on the sheer force of her power. Her power has even been able to use enough pressure to force those beings lower than her to the ground where they felt like they were being crushed. Other beings equal or greater in power to her will either wade through it or simply acknowledge its presence.

Thanks to her good friend Arthour she now hold a crystal in which she can communicate mentally with him and others also possessing said crystal. (Most of the time thoughts communicated will be in italics with single quotations please note you would be unable to pick up on these thoughts unless you have mine or Arthour's mun permission.)

She has also taken it upon herself to bedazzle everything in sight with a mini-bedazzler and has begun to make cute little outfits for hatchling mama Icer using rhinestones, feathers, and fur. Her goal is to make everyone in Rhy'Din look FABULOUS!

Artist or Photography credit:
Susan Coffey from DeviantArt
Out of Character:
Mun is 21+ and has been doing this for more than five years so ish not a newbie! Also IM or PM me if you're interested or got some SL ideas! The mun doesn't bite though the character might! Also if I don't respond to your posts chances are I'm either distracted or didn't see it. So just PM/IM me with a repost and we'll be golden! Don't think I'm purposely trying to ignore you I'm not!

Please note this is OOC knowledge and will only be seen when the player introduces it in either live play or via forums. Otherwise no one knows what she is. Also, quick note: Please let me know if your character is sensitive or not sensitive to Darcy's powers so I can gauge on what their reactions will be. You can also not choose to play into it as well.

In case it can't be figured out from the profile all in all Darcy is the Greek demi of sacrifice and re-birth. This is something only a very few know of and only a few can sense if they scan or read her deep enough. Please no scanning or reading without the mun's permission in seeking to find out this secret just ask and the mun will probably give consent. Also on another note if your character happens to be of Greek mythology and is a greater creature most likely can get a glimpse or an inkling of what Darcy is. =)
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