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+vlfberh+t (Ulfberht)
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Ulfbehrt is a man born in the year 1046 in the wealthy trade city of Birka on the Isle of Björkö (in modern day Sweden). After its destruction in 1064 he was left a man with no family and no tribe, sold into slavery. The runic markings upon his body and his missing left eye are only two clues which attest to the fact that he was an ancient gladiator.

  His sword is made of crucible steel which had been bought from eastward trades with the Persian Empire (steel of this purity would not appear in Europe again until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution). The exact route would have been along the river Volga, which spilled out into the Caspian Sea. It was a true rarity, the bane of all enemies, not only able to cut through armor and shields with a superior edge but it was also able to bend to impossible extremes because of the ultra pure steel, making it a weapon for massacre in the day and age Ulfbehrt hails from.

  Upon the flute of his sword's beautiful blade is the inscription +vlfberh+t.

  Was he the true Ulfbehrt, a blacksmith and warrior worthy of legend, or had he undergone a rite and taken the name of his sword (a common practice in the superstition of Viking warriors)?
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