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Maximus Shimmer-Scale Watcher

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Knight of the Unseen Realms and Champion to Jade.
1. Character Name:
Maximus Decimus Shimmer-scale
3. Character Appearance:
Maximus is 18 years old, stands 6'1", with blonde hair and stormy blue eyes. Sometimes his eyes will have a red haze to them, as well as a very faint hint of black deep within his eyes. He wears a simple black tunic, and black pants. He can sometimes be seen wearing the armor crafted by Jade, which is mostly black with accents of crimson. There are also runes on it that flare are a deep purple.

He tends to be quiet but will speak his mind when it is needed. This is due to coming out of his shell since coming to Rhy'Din and making friends. Maximus is the fifth child of Raena and Octavius. He has four elder siblings, Larcius, Aquillia, Lucretia and Elianna. He also has a younger sibling named Tiberius.
4. Character Profile:
His skills have grown since being in Rhy'Din as well, due to the time spent with Jade as well as training under her. Ranging from tracking and hunting, to close quarters fighting, and prefers his sword most of all. As well as her training him how to control the beserker side of himself, not to mention teaching him in various forms of magic.

He goes from being quiet to a near madman when it comes to his duty as a knight and champion. Most would call this a reckless act, others see it as fearless. He has no pity for anyone that would harm those he is sworn to protect, as he knows in battle with them. They will give none in return.
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