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Kaitlin OCleary Bard

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3. Character Appearance:
Long brown hair with reddish highlights in the sun or candle glow; a tilt to her eyes that make her wonder if her RhyDin born mum had a bit of the elven blood in her. Dark eyes with golden flecks seen best in the day, she stood long and slender.
4. Character Profile:
Kait' is the youngest of Dennis O'Cleary's daughters and most often seen behind the bar laughing and talking with patrons as she serves them. Not a tiny one, she was a tall girl that reminded one of a willow lash: bending and dancing in the wind but never breaking.

As the youngest of the O'Cleary's, despite her habit of long woolen skirts with cinched tight peasants blouses, some of the more modern residents and gadgetry winding its way into the realm and O'Cleary's weren't too strange to her. Of course, she had her days where she could be surprised, shocked, and even frightened by what this weird and wonderful home of hers could present.

Kait' was a free spirit, or tried to be, but her six sisters and father kept a close and watchful eye on her that sometimes made it difficult.
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