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Ahni Deity

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1. Character Name:
Ahni Valyntine
3. Character Appearance:
Ahni barely brushes the 5' mark.
Her copper-colored hair is short and could use a good brushing... Though that probably wouldn't do a thing to tame the mess.
To call her slender would be an understatement. She's positively waif-like, with a physique more fitting of a young boy than a woman.
Bright eyes flicker her emotions for all to see, though emerald green seems to be a mainstay.
A jagged scar runs from temple to chin on the right side of her face, but it doesn't detract much from her delicate beauty. (Or so she has heard)
She wears tunics, boots and cloaks (in shades of green and brown, of course) in the colder months; sundresses in various colors and patterns and bare feet in warmer months.
Although she loves sparkly things, she wears no jewelry or adornments besides the thick metal bands around her wrists. They look like unchained shackles, and she enjoys clanging them together -- especially when nervous or embarrassed. Be wary -- these are loaded with a switchblade mechanism that Ahni doesn't understand in the slightest but can engage with a flick of her wrist.
She smells of morning dew and newly-turned earth, honeysuckle and cut grass.
She seems to be frequently accompanied by a small, foxlike creature named Carbuncle.
A Biomancer of above average skill, she is able to grow just about anything -- including anthropomorphic plants. She has other magic in her arsenal, but doesn't tend to use it.
Ahni often peppers her Common speech with Elvish, and she doesn't realize that not everyone understands her. (It's safe to say she's a little spacey)
She enjoys dueling, and will one day possess the Tower of Earth on Twilight Isle.
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