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A Fox Mask Watcher

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1. Character Name:
3. Character Appearance:
Her eyes were amber with a touch of cat-tilt to them, alight with fox-fire of emotions. Some nights they were too subtle to be found behind the fringe of red lash, others they danced in merriment like candle bob; open and weaving cheerily across iris. Her hair was a study in old blood, ruddy red--near the ruby instead of the enchantment of fire-engines and it was braided three times. These three braids were then woven together creating a thick plait that most often hung over one shoulder, tied by a scrap of rich silk then occasionally decorated with a lotus blossom--no matter the season.

She had freckles, many of them. A testament to the fact the hair color was real and not a fashion statement, the pale skin helped too.

On the odd occasion she might carry a white fox mask, the elastic of it tucked into the crook of her elbow or perhaps slung errantly over the handle of a metal bar connected to wicker basket. The wicker basket was a jury-rigged flower cart filled with white lotus which one would be correct in assuming she sold them for income.

She did not dress to please, she dressed absently. Denim jeans which were clean, old and worn. Several colors of string used to sew them and keep them together, several bohemian patches in random pattern and color in the knees also helped. A worn jacket in faded orange now turning brown for winter and a pair of exquisitely tailored thin kid-skin gloves which were never removed.
4. Character Profile:
The strangest thing was the complete and utter disregard in some polite circles to meet a person eye to eye. Fox-fire gaze would settle on a cheek, a chin, hands, feet, or study the shape of a body but never would they meet the eye--and it did not appear as if she truly meant to be disrespectful, it simply was another eldritch piece in the very quiet puzzle which was Ran.

A dreamer. A fae-touched oddity. Time is a muddled thing for her, where she can swear she was just there yesterday and all the people murmur six months ago. A wherever-the-wind took her spirit. A girl. A woman. A poet-speaker, a book lover, a leaf collector, a paper folder and so very simple. And complicated. She was difficult at best to follow with her habit of random questions at random times, her penchant for speaking (non)sense and dreams. Yet she tried as much as she could to seem nothing more than another little lightbulb bobbing amidst the bright flashes.

She made no apologies for the way she was however, for she expected none from others.

Flower girl turned flower woman, a prophet in the petals.
Artist or Photography credit:
Stock photo.
Out of Character:
((Ran is based on the same character and shares many traits with her original character from the animation: Texhnolyze. Some differences and liberties have been taken.))
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