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Fae Dust Dreams Demi God

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Mistress of Dreams
1. Character Name:
Celena Ducayne
4. Character Profile:
-Character Name: Celena Ducayne [current alias, True Name unknown]

--Based on Irish folklore about the Leanan-Sidhe and twisted a whole lot

--Place of Origins: Ireland

--Birth date: May 25th 1679

--Race: 1/2 human & 1/2 Unseelie Fae. The Leanan-Sidhe being a singular individual who is called the Faery Muse in Celena's universe and the Critter's mother. Also considered part of the 'dark' Faeries or the Unseelie Court.

--Sexuality: Bisexual.

--Height: Barely 5 ft in stockings

--Weight: 110 lbs, small frame and delicate or fragile looking..

--Hair Color: Crimson curls that sometimes writhe with a life of their own

--Eye Color: Tri-colored: emerald, with hazel before finally being ringed in gold. Sometimes an eerie glowing quality is to be seen.

--Ears: Sharply pointed tips, usually concealed by Glamour.

--Voice: It has a purring musical quality to it most of the time. It is due to her heritage but she can make her voice sound quite 'normal.'

--PB is Heather Christensen.
Out of Character:
Yes, a lot of what this character does is based loosely on the BDSM lifestyle. But (and boy is this a big but) Celena is a supernatural creature and one of the reasons she is into all these fun games is because she feeds on emotions. Sorta like an emotional vampire if you will. So that is what motivates her, feeding her magic to make herself stronger. Because of that some of what she does is completely against the Safe, Sane & Consensual rules of conventional BDSM. If you don't like that I twisted the BDSM lifestyle to suit the character, then I'm sorry but you might want to leave now. Thanks.
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