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4. Character Profile:
There is a small woman winding her way down the cobblestone path. Amidst the hustle, bustle and hawker’s call of a busy street she seems terribly collected. She does not mind that she is one of the many small things in a realm of very small and very big. She does not mind that some of them stop to stare at her and tip their hats, or others gloss over her as if she were nothing more than a footnote in the history of a time long gone and no more.

The pointed ears are not uncommon, though the light terra cotta hue of her skin may be a bit of something different. It hinted or suggested perhaps some sort of wild, wood, or earthen kin of elven kind. The structure of her face gives idea to patrician lines; a faint aristocracy that all elves seemed to carry without noticing. The fullness of her mouth kept in calm, easy line in addition to the smaller tips of ears suggested half-breed. She had been questioned curiously on several occasions on which or what she might be, and every time her answer was nothing more than a small, pretty little smile. An expression that belonged on distant paintings made to be admired at.

A gaggle of children run before her and she stops to wait them through. Her skirts are more often than not humble as well as home spun wool, no doubt created by her very fingers: long, slender and folded before her patiently.

Today, she wore a gray riding skirt that rustled crisply at her ankles, tomorrow it may a full skirt depending on the weather and how far she had to walk. The one thing that was always different was the embroidery: fine, magnificent stitch work around wrists, collar bones and hem always depicting something from nature be it blossoms, leaves, branches, birds or vines. She watches the younglings babble past and the motion sets the sun on a delicate chain across her brow. There is a chip of a blue stone nestled lovingly in the middle of the chain that seems to giggle along with the children in the light.

When the last of the children pass she continues on her way to the legendary inn, its paint chipped and faded sign depicting a red dragon beckoning in the wind. She does not hurry nor does she seem capable of it, really. There is something about the set of her small shoulders and the perfection of spine kept in correct posture that said she could wait out millennia if she needed—for whatever reason one may have to wait out such a thing.

She is a quiet woman; this may become apparent on first meeting. She watches and she listens, she hears and she learns, she questions—but rare are the words that give anything away.

Some find her voice a balm. It has been said that when her mouth opens, spring begins to sing and summer bows its oaken crowned head. By no means a singer’s beauty in her voice: simply the aspect of nature, the warmth of August sun, the happy tinkle of cold mountain brooks and the ever hopeful lark tittering in the background.

Braelin'a. Keeper of the Tomrak stone, priestess, and one of the Seven.
Artist or Photography credit:
TwiggxStock, stock photography to be used legally--photoshoped by player.
Out of Character:
((Art © player. Ta'Ven, Keeper concept © Sesian of Ta'Ven, permission to role play this character concept given to player. Please do not redistribute.))
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