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Val Holt GR Moderator

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Moderator of Awesome. And the Un-official 'Official' Self-Appointed Welcomer
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Personal Text? ::Wonders what it does...::
1. Character Name:
Val Holt
3. Character Appearance:
Green eyes glint in the darkness. Dark, black hair sits on his head, above a reasonably plain face. Said eyes are always watching, scanning and predicting his next move.

There isn't much that can be said about Mr Holt, at least not on first glance, your second glance might see something more, if you feel inclined to take it. He wears a dark top, not black, but a deep, dark blue. It's long sleeves do a good job of covering his arms.
His pants follow the theme of dark, deep blue, and soft leather boots clad his feet. Perfect for sneaking up on people. His dark top and pants appear as if they are made from a cotton like fabric but they are far tougher and resilient then any normal cotton has a right to be.

If nothing else could be said about the man, then there is this much, he
moved carefully, never using more then the absolutely needed effort to complete whatever endeavour he is doing. Not that this makes him appear sloth of lazy, quite the opposite. He appears more like a...Tightly wound spring, ready to jump.

His entire demeanour, stance and general attitude *demands* that he slip into the background of what ever situation he be in at the time. Be it the deep shadows of an alley way, a barely half glance from a bar tender and patrons at at bar....

Or the deep shadows in a bedroom, as he raids a pretty ladies jewellery box. Oh, yes. He is a thief. A very good one at that.

He carries a short blade at his left hip, and a knife at his left. Those are but two of the blades he carries. Well...The only two visible ones anyway.
4. Character Profile:
Val Holt, more commonly known as Val, is a thief. He has been a thief for a long time as is very good at it.

He can slip through most room's unnoticed, despite the crowd. In fact, that seems to make it easier as he uses the other people to duck and dive, a chance glance at him might be taken be he's soon out of the way once more before his face can truly be committed to memory.

He is a skilled pickpocket, burglar and sometimes he has been known to sneak into various temples (used and abandoned) to seek his treasure. Dragon hoards tend to be too much work for him however (What with killing the dragon and so on) so he sticks to simpler jobs, like sneaking into warehouses or charming the pants/skirts/corset off a lovely lady to gain entrance to her private treasure trove. He might even make off with her jewellery in the middle of the night too.
Out of Character:
As a Moderator of Greater Realms, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the site, as well as point you in the direction of people who can help further if I can't :)

I'm happy to play with all and sundry, please feel free to ask me about just about anything! I'll answer as best as possible :)
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