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Daigh Sterling Watcher

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1. Character Name:
Daigh Sterling, real name Chayyliel
3. Character Appearance:
Daigh (pronounced 'day') is from a family of Irish descent, though no one alive in his family could lay claim to land there. Tallish at 6'2, lanky and sinewy, with a smattering of tattoos and some piercings. Pale-ish skin from living a primarily night-related life. Dark brown hair and blue eyes. He might be a bit on the skinny side, but he's stronger than he seemingly should be.
4. Character Profile:
D.J.'s and bartends, along with a host of sometimes dubious side projects.

Creative, quick with a smile, generally friendly.

Daigh is the head of a specially cultivated group of angels called the Vigiliae, human-raised but full blooded angels which assist in protecting mankind and hunting and dispatching demons.

Out of Character:
As mentioned, Daigh is an angel. Nothing outwardly would tell you this, unless you're an angel yourself. Or maybe a demon. Contact me if you'd like to play off of that! Otherwise, assume you don't know!

I am also very open to many different sorts of interactions- if you have an idea, just hit me up!
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