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Evelyn Bell Watcher

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1. Character Name:
Evelyn Augusta Bell
3. Character Appearance:
Evelyn likes to think she is tall, but really it's the high-heeled boots that put her head above the others in most crowds in the Multiverse. She is constantly on the move and often looks disheveled, buttons undone or done wrong, and her hair often messy. She is usually wearing a coat or jacket with many pockets, and her luggage - an ambulatory Seward trunk named Olaf, covered in travel stamps from eleven hundred and one universes - is never far behind.

She checks her watch often: it has eleven hands that frequently change speed and/or direction, and looking at it too long may cause headache, nausea, spontaneous combustion and/or death.
4. Character Profile:
Calling her immortal would be oversimplifying, but she has an uncanny ability to *always come back*. She can travel anywhere in the Multiverse, but it comes at a price: she can never stay anywhere for long, as little as moments and as long as a few days, and that is a rare treat. She can (usually) choose which realm, pocket or parallel world she slips into next, but the when is difficult to track; and while she can arrive at the same point more than once, she can't take the same path twice in a row.

Her life, suspended out of time and reborn as needed, for better or worse, is trapped in perpetual motion.
Artist or Photography credit:
Kelly MacDonald
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Oct 09, 2014, 08:10:08 PM
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