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1. Character Name:
Dr. Shariane uth Dravon
3. Character Appearance:
Her hair was long bleached by the mage energies she uses - forever whitened and no amount of dye would change that. Her eyes however retained their vibrant shade of Violet. Her body was lithe and lean, with very little fat upon her form. Indeed she seemed to have the appearance of one used to regular exercise though those energies that define her power, also take much in the way of personal energies.
4. Character Profile:
She is not one for gaudy shows of power. She believes in the responsible use of magic. She has seen the effects of irresponsibility many times over and those lessons still haunt her to this day.

Magic: Well versed in many schools
Primary specializations: Healing & Defense
Leyline Use - Shar shapes this energy into a variety of effects and forms. Strength is directly related to the strength of the local leylines.
Shape Shifting: No animal/creature form is closed to her.
Sword dancing: Exceptionally skilled with the long sword
Mental Abilities: She does have use of mindspeech and empathy. Because of this she has finely tuned her shielding to the point that any attempts to read her will be taken as an attack. Her shielding is always in place to block all mind reading attempts - active or passive.

Shapeshifting into forms larger than man size drains her energy quickly, just as higher level spells that require personal energy.

Currently living with her son, Darius at her vale.

}¥{ Nøble Høuse Uth Ðravøn }¥{
"United we stand, divided we fall; Unity amongst diversity."
Artist or Photography credit:
Copyright 2012, M. Putvin for use with this Character Only.
Out of Character:
((Character created in '96 on AOL. Mun is 40+ and been playing since 1996 online, 1991 Tabletop. Please feel free to IM me to Open Funderdome if Khoom is unavailable and Regulation is not occurring.))
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