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Valentina Eglantine Watcher

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To Create is to Live
1. Character Name:
Valentina no'Eglantine-Mereliot
3. Character Appearance:
Along her spine runs an intricate tattoo of eglantine roses, ending in a pair of entwined silver fish at the base of her hips. She carries herself with a refined grace that makes her seem much taller than she is.
4. Character Profile:
Race: D'Angeline
Sex: Surely you jest...
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Black as a raven's wing.
Eyes: A subtle grey-green.
Occupation: Officially still a Servant of Naamah, she's often in the kitchen, and recently has discovered a gift for confectionery.
Marital Status: Single. Although its rare to find her far from Rand these days.

Valentina is a scion of House Mereliot, as well as a member, until recently, of Eglantine House.  While her marque is complete (due mostly to her skills in cooking and dance), she did not completely fulfill her vow to Naamah until after arriving in RhyDin.  Attacked by a patron the evening before her debut, she was rescued before he could commit the greatest sin - but not before damaging her psyche to the point that she could not bring herself to serve Naamah as she had been trained.  
Once free to do so, she left Mont Nuit, and Terre d'Ange, she has come to Rhydin in search of a healer who can do what all of Balm, and her home province of Eisheth, could not.

And it appears her quest has been successful, or nearly so...Having found good companions who directed her to the Temple of Chryrie, and having found a place here, she is looking forward to building a new, unexpected life in RhyDin...
Artist or Photography credit:
Dita von Teese - photographer unknown
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