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A Blind Girl Watcher

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1. Character Name:
Amai Tan al'Viera
3. Character Appearance:
Purple eyes are dull and unseeing, for the moment so a white bandage is wrapped around her head, covering her eyes. Beneath this bandaging, are two purple orbs. Both Iris, and even the whites of her eyes, were the same shade.
The only difference in colouration was the black outline of her iris, there is no pupil at the center to be seen.

But this blindness does not stop a quick smile from forming, or a giggle from passing her lips. She is quite happy, to an extent. If somewhat put out by the simply fact, she will have to get used to being blind for the foreseeable future of her life.

She wears what is easiest to put on, which is normally her Robes of Office, all white and flowing, made from the finest fabrics and the most brilliant, golden stitching.
The golden stitching on the breast of her robes is the complex symbol, a cypher, of the Order to the goddess Ma'Sai. The sleeves are slit, to allow easy movement and more decorative stitching is on the arms denote her rank and Office as that of High Journeyman Healer. The robes fall to ankle height, and are best suited to warmer climates.

After going shopping for clothes with a young troll and a very helpful (and well behaved) Kirn, she's got a much wider range of clothing to wear.

She now works with Khoom Helston as a healer in the Temple to Chryrie, located in the Temple District.

Never seen without the white stick she uses to guide her footsteps. The stick, or cane, is in fact made from a strip of strong, flexible willow tree. The peculiar thing is that this tree is purely white, and so when a member of the Ma'Sai Order requires a staff, or a cane, they are always given one from one of these willow trees, as it is seen as a blessing from Ma'Sai that it's wood is so pure and white.
4. Character Profile:
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