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Phøenix Deity

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4. Character Profile:
Bespoke suits from the House of Dormeuil, usually worn without a tie, are his attire of choice. His mode of transportation is a triple black 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi Belvedere Convertible.

 There is a proclamation of torment upon his face, a tingling reminder of his past (as the nerves were finally awakening after so many years). It was a gruesome, badly healed scar made from the thrust and heartless, rending twist of a dagger; raised ridges and deep ruts of skin bridged the expanse of his right cheek.

 Perhaps it had been an attack, perhaps it had been a blood rite.

 The scar has since been lightly tattoed, giving his face a haunted, alien sort of script. There are no mirrors in his house, though it is not his own reflection that he shuns...

Du blutest fur mein Seelenheil
Ein kleiner Schnitt und du wirst geil
Der Korper - schon total entstellt
Egal, erlaubt ist, was gefallt.

Bei dir habe ich die Wahl der Qual
Bisse, Tritte, harte Schlage
Nadel, Zangen, stumpfe Sage
Wunsch dir was, ich sag nicht nein.

Du liebst mich denn ich lieb dich nicht.

Ich tu dir weh.
Tut mir nicht Leid.
Das tut dir gut...
Hör wie es schreit.
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