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1. Character Name:
Cain Romulus
3. Character Appearance:
Cain's abilities revolve around people bitten and turned. Because of this, his physical features always change in some way making it hard for him to remain with one face for overly long. Currently standing at 6'3, Cain is powerfully built thanks to blood from IceSong.

Mayverdia: Immunity and manipulation of Fire, Ice, Lightning and their sub-sets. Shape-changing. (connection severed but unknown for now)

Mylia: Immunity to angelic energies. (Fallen Angel)

Maerlyna: Ability to inspire others through presence and song. (She's a Muse)

Mesha: Banshee's scream. (Concussive wave of sound) (Deceased)

Mara: Mid-level necromancy. (Deceased)

Myra: Chemistry/Alchemy knowledge (Deceased)

Theodora: Precognition (sees the future through painting it)
Aislin: Making Dreams and Nightmares into Reality. (Active)

Icesong: Draconic strength and resillience. (Active)

Avita: Immune to sexual based powers. Increase sexual appeal to intoxicating levels. (She's a Succubi)

Shauri: Abyssal Corruption

OOC : Character is violent, twisted, and unpredictable. Engage at own risk because he is very dark and will be played accordingly.
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