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Katt Immortal

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1. Character Name:
Kathryn A. Batten AKA Katt
4. Character Profile:
Hardship shows in the blade sharp eyes of vibrant emerald. However, with those hardships comes a knowledge that not only makes her skilled..they made her dangerous. This, of course, is not information that everyone knows nor are they skills that she uses shows off. These are skills that only when needed makes themselves known. There are subtle hints, however. A fine example would be the way she walks. Her steps are eerie silent and stealthy, making it more than just a little easy to sneak up on someone unintentionally.

Marked height of 5'5 her frame is petite and while thin at the waist is exceptionally well built. Muscle tone deems there to be more than meets the eye. Her hair is ink-black and growing out in uneven layers. Currently the back nips just above her shoulder blades.

Clothing tends to lean more toward comfort and casual rather than showy. The only real constant is the very interesting trinket that is always kept on her person. The mechanical wing suspended from a thick chain which hangs around her neck is made up of a complex design of tiny gears. These gears are, at least while she is wearing it, constantly in motion.

New to her personal attire and now seen on her almost all the time is a slender silver ring on her right hand forefinger with the engraving of 'best friend'. Also seen, almost as often, is a silver chained necklace with a silver clenched black crystal. The crystal is an magical item that she isn't about ready to anyone.

Her personality is obscure and at times this makes her difficult to be understood. She is withdrawn and guarded but at the same time polite and friendly...Maybe just a little too blunt at times. Some consider her to be shy and maybe in some cases this is true. She is naive in certain subjects and tends to ask questions to remedy this. Some subjects, however, she could surprise a lot of people with what she knows. She has trouble trusting, and this leads to things such as growing tense when being touched or growing really quiet.
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