Wonderplex Snowball Royale


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  • Wonderplex Snowball Royale: Dec 13, 2013
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Wonderplex Snowball Royale
« on: Dec 07, 2013, 10:32:33 AM »


(Posted by The Mogul on RDI)

Friday December 13th is The Rhydin Wonderplex’s First Ever Snowball Royale!
 This is a free to enter event where the last man, woman, or xenomorphic being standing is the winner! Registration starts Saturday December 7th and turns through Wednesday December 11th at midnight to let officials gauge how many helpers will be needed.
 The format for the Royale is similar to a MegaCast or MegaBrawl as seen in the Dueling venues. All who enter will be given an arbitrary 10 Hit Points at the start. This number will be on display above the colosseum dome. Over the course of the Royale participants will lose 1 hit point every time they are struck by a snowball.
 As the art of Snowball Warfare is an ancient and honorable contest, participants will be required to announce their targets before attacking. (( OOC: To do so Private Message the indicated referee with this format:
 Snowball 1. Character Screen Name you wish to attack.
 Snowball 2. Counter (to defend against an attack, but only the first to target you.)
 (no more than 2 hit points can be lost per round. All snowball strikes after the 2nd in a given round do not reduce hitpoints.))
 The Royale grounds is a plowed circular field specifically constructed for the event with a diameter of six thousand square feet. Every twenty feet is a snow drift for purposes of communal ammunition (snowball making). The outer ring of the field will be painted green, with a red border. This is the Safe Zone or SZ. Each participant may only enter this area twice through the course of the event. While in the SZ, participants cannot attack or be attacked and can only remain in the SZ for one round. After which they must immediately leave the Safe Zone
 (Format for entering the Safe Zone requires the participant to give up their Attack, or their Counter for that round. This is a movement round.
 Ex: The Mogul: Snowball 1. Ebon Ilnaren
 Snowball 2. Safe Zone.
 This means that Race is throwing a snowball at Ebon as he runs for the cover of the SZ, but doesn’t have a single defense to counter a snowball thrown at him.)
 Once a participant is reduced to 0 Hit Points they are eliminated from the event. Thermal blankets, hot food, and beverages will be available at concession stands outside the combat area along with bleachers. As the competition progresses and number of snowballers dwindles, the circumference of the arena will shrink, constricting the playing field.
 1st Place: Season Pass for 5 when Rollercoaster Park and Typhoon Lagoon open in the Spring.
 2nd Place: Season pass for 3.
 3rd Place: Spa Day for 2 at the Jade Pagoda Tea House
 Sign up and come out to cheer for everyone!
((This live event will be hosted in the Red Dragon Great Hall chatroom.))
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