Advice: Running Successful RP Events


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Author Topic: Advice: Running Successful RP Events  (Read 3127 times)

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Advice: Running Successful RP Events
« on: Mar 24, 2017, 08:32:45 AM »

Author's note: There's no right or wrong way to run or create events. These are just suggestions in hopes of inspiring.

Running a role playing event, whether it's just for your small group of friends or for the entire website of GR can be a daunting task. It takes work; there's no two ways around it. But with a bit of time, effort and thought, creating a successful one-time event shouldn't be like extracting teeth.

Over the years, here are some suggestions, thoughts and ideas to steer you toward holding and creating your own successful RP events here on GreaterRealms.

Start Plotting

   Some questions to ask yourself in order to fix the event solidly in your mind:
  • What's the name of the event?
  • What's the purpose of the event? (For fun, for raising money for charity, for social reasons, for adventure, for treasure, for glory, for silliness?)
  • What's the end goal of this event?
  • Will I need NPC players or will I have to play NPC's?
  • Is the event going to need an OOC post explaining it?
  • Is the event going to need an IC post advertising for it?
  • What setting would this event best be held?
  • How many people can I handle keeping up with and--
  • f I get more than I bargained for, is there anyone willing to volunteer to help?
  • How can I get the community involved in the event outside of just showing up?
  • Is there anything the community can contribute to the event that will help or--
  • Will I keep it simple so it's easier for me to track?
Plan Ahead
If there's one thing we role players know and hate? It's time zones. Time zones and weekdays and unscheduled extra hours or family reasons often keep some of our best role play partners out of the loop from time to time. When considering throwing an event, keep in mind of the difference in time zones as well as the myriad of time zones all players come from.

When choosing a date to set your event, try announcing and setting the date far enough in advance for word-of-mouth to get out, for players to check the forums and for players to hopefully see if their own calendar is clear and they can make it. You won't get every player--it's impossible to do; but you may find your events are better populated with announcing the dates in advance.

Before choosing a time, Google a time zone converter and enter what time you'd most likely want to start the event, then compare your time zone to others. Personally, I attempt to find a time that will catch as many as I can in the early/late evening without losing sleep for myself. If you are lucky enough to live in the UK or another time zone not as predominant as EST, then boy! There are players who will love you because a lot of them miss out on events due to time differences.

In my experience, the more thoroughly I planned a head? The easier time of it I had. When I worked Beltane one year as Risa Jones, I had worked out a head of time and pre-wrote any advertisements, playables, music lists, event or RP threads I thought I would need well before Beltane came along. This was an unbelievably awesome thing to do, as during the last few days toward the event I had nothing that needed to be done but enjoy the event itself.

Ask for Advertising Help
If you don't have your own forum or a large group of role player buddies yet, don't hesitate to ask anyone and everyone that seems willing in the community to help. Many of our forum members are willing to help:
  • Share links on their social media
  • Create or help with graphics
  • Create or help with event icons[
  • Plug your event in their subforums and on other websites
GreaterRealms also has its own Facebook and Google+ account for sharing such things.

Ask for Any Help
If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed with your event, do not hesitate to use our OOC forums to ask for member help. Admins, moderators and bards are here to help you as well and please contact them! Many members enjoy events immensely and are willing to lend a hand to see them come to fruition.

Features to help your Event:
If considering making a post about an upcoming event, try checking out GR's Calendar first, clicking on the date you'd like to make the event and then making sure : "link event to post?" is clicked. Once you choose the date, the title of event and how long it'll run, the calendar will direct you to make a post in the Events folder. There, all you have to do is fill out your event details, hit post--and voila. Your event is marked on our calendar. If anyone visits the calendar, they'll be taken to the post, and your event will display in our mini calendar side bar as well!

Our plug board to the side of our forum can be used to advertise your event. Copy the event posts' URL (address) and then visit the right side bar. Click on, "Add your open thread." There, simply paste the URL and fill out the title and hit submit.

Our front page Shout box is an excellent means to get word out about your event. You can copy the URL of any post in GR and paste it in the shoutbox.

Last, but never least, we have a Facebook Page and a Google+ page for advertising and showing off our wonderful site.

With all that in mind, we hope this helps you on the long (or short) road of setting up Live RP events and we look foward to seeing what you unleash on GreaterRealms!
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