1. Founders

    Fonders are members or users who re-joined us after our upgrade from SMF to Xenforo and stuck with us. They are also the new members who came to visit and play with us during the first few months of GRs' upgrade.

    [bd] Medal Installer



    This award is given to those who stuck with us through the change from SMF to Xenforo, as well as posted on our new forums.
  4. Members & Characters

    These member awards are given out to those whom have made lasting impressions on GreaterRealms over the years both in character and out of character.

    Better than a Teddy Bear

    This character is better than a giant stuffed Teddy Bear for hugging and comfor.

    Beer Brawl

    This character started an epic bar brawl.

    Helping Hand

    This member is always ready with a helping hand and great advice.
  8. Events

    These medals are handed out to those who participate in events, be they in the forums or the chat.

    March Merry Madness

    This character managed to survive through the March Merry Madness brought on by pixies, the fae, and goodness knows what else to participate in GRs' first event on their first forum.

    Hoppy Easter 2019 Event

    This character had a very eggcellent time and a Hoppy Easter at GR's official event in 2019

    1st Event

    This member has participated in their first GR RP event.
  12. Voluneeters

    From volunteer moderators and fellow administrators, to those that volunteer their time and effort in creating role play for everyone to play with. Volunteers deserve their own special award.


    No website would go very far without dedicated, wonderful people to help it out. GR recognizes and loves our volunteer staff, past or present.
  14. Donator

    This award is given to those past and present who have donated toward GreaterRealms' hosting, customization and renewal bills.

    Gift Giver

    This member has donated toward GR's hosting, customization and renewal bills.
  16. Silly

    These awards have no purpose other than to make people laugh. We may be a mature forum, but we're not entirely mature people.


    This person suggests butts. We are very mature here at GR.

    Super Squishy

    This member of GR is possibly one of the friendliest we've had. They're great at hugging, too.


    If there's a pun intended, I will find it and use it. I'm...punderful.
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