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Total of 70 games in the arcade
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Action Fish
Move your boat with your arrow keys, release your line and hook with space. Get as many fish as you can before the timer runs out!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Aquno Game
Aqua Uno. Aquno. Get it? Play a game of Uno. Match the card colors, card numbers, make your opponent draw more cards, switch colors and more!
  No Scores Recorded
Avatar: Trials of Serpent Pass
Can you make it to the other side of Serpent's pass?
Other    No Scores Recorded
Black Knight
The King is displeased with his people. They have not been paying their taxes. Enter you: the black knight. It is your job to bludgeon the money out of the people. And everything else.
Other    No Scores Recorded
Chubby Ninja
You are the chubby ninja! Move using left and right arrow keys, jump A or up arrow, double tap arrow or a for double jump, ninja fly with s or space bar and use D or X for ninja strike against enemy or to mine gold!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Droppin Beats 4mEdition
Move your mouse to keep your 1-up mushroom from getting hit by falling objects. Objects that fall down AND up!
  No Scores Recorded
Jewel Thief
Use your mouse to guide your hand across the screen to steal the falling jewels. But be careful: don't trigger the laser alarm and don't hit any of the red sirens!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Sprouts. AUG! Who needs green things? Use your right and left arrow keys to squish the sprouts before you have to eat them! Miss three and you pass out.
Other    No Scores Recorded
Squirrel Harvest
Use the mouse to move the squirrel up and down the branch, click to release his little claw. Grab as many acorns as possible but beware the bugs!
Other    No Scores Recorded
The Pick of Destiny
A fun rhythm game/Guitar hero clone. Use your arrow keys to match the arrows floating up on screen and hit them just at the right time!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Winter Bells
Deceptively simple game: click your mouse to make the bunny jump and touch bells. Be careful though, miss a click or jump and the bunny will fall!
Other    No Scores Recorded
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Total of 70 games in the arcade

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