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Total of 70 games in the arcade
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Your objective is to find all the words in the word list before your time runs out. The number of words you must find increases by one for every level. How far can you get before your brain explodes? NOTE: This game does not save scores. Attempting to figure out why. Sorry!
Word    No Scores Recorded
Word Search
Flash crossword puzzle with themes.
  No Scores Recorded
Winter Bells
Deceptively simple game: click your mouse to make the bunny jump and touch bells. Be careful though, miss a click or jump and the bunny will fall!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Videopoker Card & Casino    No Scores Recorded
The Pick of Destiny
A fun rhythm game/Guitar hero clone. Use your arrow keys to match the arrows floating up on screen and hit them just at the right time!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Street Fighter Micro
Round 1... HADOUKEN!
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Steak and Jake Midnight March
Help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls along the trail this Halloween! Multi-task in this puzzle platformer game, with Jake the color-changing bird matching colors in the puzzle screen, while clearing the trail above for Steak and the Ghouls.
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
Squirrel Harvest
Use the mouse to move the squirrel up and down the branch, click to release his little claw. Grab as many acorns as possible but beware the bugs!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Sprouts. AUG! Who needs green things? Use your right and left arrow keys to squish the sprouts before you have to eat them! Miss three and you pass out.
Other    No Scores Recorded
Sonic the Hedgehog
Flash Sonic the Hedgehog game. Don't lose your rings!
  No Scores Recorded
The memory game of color and sound: Simon says! Follow the pattern of sound and color that Simon plays by clicking on the four colors in the same pattern or else you lose!
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Rockgarden V2   No Scores Recorded
Pyramid Solitaire *****
  No Scores Recorded
Project Orion
Use your arrow keys to move your space ship, hold Ctrl to shoot. Destroy the alien ships and boss before they destroy you!
  No Scores Recorded
Prince of Persia
8 minutes to navigate through a dungeon to reach the Vizier's throne and stop him from releasing the sands of time. Arrow keys for movement,shift to grab onto ledges & pick up items, Shift & arrow keys for walking. Up & Left are the standing forward jump. Raise your blood pressure with this classic game!
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Move the paddle back and forth with your mouse to ping bricks. Be fast though! If you miss, you lose a life!
  No Scores Recorded
Papas Donuterial
Take orders, make donuts, decorate them and get them out in time to safe the store!
Sim Games    No Scores Recorded
Papas Cupcakeria
Bake the best cupcakes in town all year round in Papas Cupcakeria! You will need to choose baking cups, add batter, watch the oven, and decorate your cupcakes with a variety of frosting and toppings. As you level up and gain new customers, you will notice the seasons changing in the town of frostfield, along with new holiday celebrations! Help your customers get in the holiday spirit with seasonal clothing, furniture, and a new set of unlockable seasonal toppings for each holiday. Work your way through each holiday season to unlock over 100 ingredients, and become a cupcake-crafting master!
Sim Games 
  No Scores Recorded
Papa's Pastaria
Can you cook and make the pasta fast enough?
  No Scores Recorded
Papa's Hotdoggeria
You better WERK it with those hot dogs! Save the store! Decorate your buns! Hotdogs for everyone!
Sim Games    No Scores Recorded
Papa Louie 2
Join Papa Louie in his first platforming adventure to rescue his customers!
Sim Games    No Scores Recorded
Use your arrow keys to guide Pacman through the maze but be careful! Don't let the ghosts touch you!
  No Scores Recorded
Nyan Cat Fever
The rainbow trailing poptart cat returns. Use your mouse to navigate Nyan cat through space to oum nom nom. But be careful not to touch anything that isn't food!
Space    No Scores Recorded
Newtons Revenge
Shoot the apples before they reach the ground! Pay attention for bonuses.
Shooter    No Scores Recorded
Monster Hatch
Can you figure out which eggs to click to make the monsters hatch all at once?
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
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