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       Racing (1)        Shooter (1)        Sim Games (4)        Word (5)
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Total of 70 games in the arcade
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Candy Crush
The addictive sweet candy crush game. Match candies and savor the taste of winning.
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
Use your arrow keys to move, space to jump & Ctrl to engage your weapon against zombies, ghouls, bats and undead in this classic game!
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Chubby Ninja
You are the chubby ninja! Move using left and right arrow keys, jump A or up arrow, double tap arrow or a for double jump, ninja fly with s or space bar and use D or X for ninja strike against enemy or to mine gold!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Click on rows of colors to collapse them fast as you can!
  No Scores Recorded
Move the move left or right to get Mr. spider swingin'. Aim and click above him on his thread to have him crawl back up, aim and click below to have him drop. Hook your thread on platforms to get coins and avoid enemies!
  No Scores Recorded
The classic Donkey Kong. Dodge the barrels as Mario.
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Dragon Journey
A vulture has stolen all of the dragon's eggs! Use your mouse to control the dragon as she flies to recover her eggs. Watch out for trees, rocks and other obstacles along the way!
Racing    No Scores Recorded
Droppin Beats 4mEdition
Move your mouse to keep your 1-up mushroom from getting hit by falling objects. Objects that fall down AND up!
  No Scores Recorded
Classic Nintendo: shoot the ducks or else be mocked by your annoying canine friend!
  No Scores Recorded
Fairies Word Quest
Find as many words as you can hidden midst the leaves before the time runs out.
Word    No Scores Recorded
Flash Chess
The game of chess.
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
Flash Mario Bros
Classic Nintendo fun in flash.
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Dodge and shoot the asteroids with your space ship. Pewpew!
Space    No Scores Recorded
Four Seasons
A cute little game of match and mix. Match the kids wearing their seasonal colored outfits with one another, try to spell the word B-o-n-u-s before the time runs out.
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
Tetris with fruit.
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Horde Of English Zombies Word    No Scores Recorded
Move your ship back and forth with arrow keys beneath your shields while rows of alien invaders shoot from above. Shoot them with space bar to kill them! But be careful! Aliens get faster over time.
  No Scores Recorded
You are the brave smith: Jack. You want to adventure, unfortunately, you can't fight. But you CAN make weapons! Craft weapons to outfit soldiers and win!
RPG & Strategy    No Scores Recorded
Jewel Thief
Use your mouse to guide your hand across the screen to steal the falling jewels. But be careful: don't trigger the laser alarm and don't hit any of the red sirens!
Other    No Scores Recorded
Very old classic Jewel game. Mix and match jewels three of the same color or more.
Classics    No Scores Recorded
Solve the math problems before bubbles hit the floor. If 3 bubbles hit the floor it's GAME OVER man!
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
Magic Potion Drop
Position your magic potions carefully using your mouse, then click and drop them into the container. Drop three or more for points and have them disappear. But be careful! If your potions touch the top, it's game over. Color Match/Tetris like game.
Puzzle    No Scores Recorded
Match the tiles until there are none left. Classic!
  No Scores Recorded
Mario Star Catcher
Play as the legendary Mario and catch those pesky stars! Left and right arrows to move, space to jump.
Classics    No Scores Recorded
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Total of 70 games in the arcade

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