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Guidelines & Site News / The Ships have come to carry you home
« on: Jan 13, 2019, 09:05:14 PM »
It is with a heavy heart that I say that both Jack Scot and Gemethyst are no longer with us.

I wish to thank them, wherever they have gone, and wherever they may be, for their words of welcome to the many new players they always greeted. For their gift of laughter. For their worlds of magic they shared with all of us. Rhy'Din is a little dimmer without them. Their words, however, remain. Their stories remain. May they always spark another tale in the hearts of those who read them.

Thank you both.

Lay down
Your sweet and weary head
The night is falling
You have come to journey's end
Sleep now
And dream of the ones who came before
They are calling
From across the distant shore

Why do you weep?
What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see
All of your fears will pass away
Safe in my arms
You're only sleeping

What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea
A pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home

And all will turn
To silver glass
A light on the water
All Souls pass

Hope fades
Into the world of night
Through shadows falling
Out of memory and time
Don't say
We have come now to the end
White shores are calling
You and I will meet again
And you'll be here in my arms
Just sleeping

And all will turn
To silver glass
A light on the water
Grey ships pass
Into the West

Solved Questions Archive / Re: Logging In
« on: Jan 09, 2019, 10:05:39 PM »
I know it has been 8000 years since it was posted, but this should have been fixed a while ago. Katt, are you still having problems with this?

SMF and phpBB look like the best possible choices to me. A, they are free and B, I think most of the GR members are already familiar with both of these set ups.

Maybe I'm crotchety in my old age, but I can only handle so many changes in a certain period of time!  ;)

There's that, too! As much as I love trying new stuff, not everyone has the patience nor want to do so. I think I will do my best to focus on SMF for now, updating and figuring things out. It's a great forum software, and it's sort of what GR has been using the longest. We started originally with phpBB and switched over the SMF and I think we've had SMF the longest.

Guidelines & Site News / Admin to do:
« on: Jan 08, 2019, 08:48:43 PM »
Hello lovelies, just holding my butt accountable for all to see:

To do:
  • Uninstall & upgrade simple portal
  • Remove Tapatalk
  • Pester people to test out new chat and give opinions
  • Remove Arcade/look for arcade update?  Arcade is updated, but flash games need removal and or replacement, issues with Javascript need to be addressed
  • Remove dead links to Knowledge Base Mod no longer installed
  • Figure out why Likes mod does not work with new Sunrise theme
  • Figure out (perhaps) how to do tabbed categories in Sunrise theme to keep forums in that theme easy to navigate
  • Figure out/find a better RPG/item shop
  • Get that beginners guide done for the love of puppies. We've been open since 2013!
  • Fix/replace or update the WYSIWYG editor
  • Smart quotes yooooo
  • Upgrade to https/SSL - aaaand breaking tabbed categories, woops
Fixed(I hope)
  • Tabbed categories should be working with GR's default Back 'n' Black/Default theme.

Guidelines & Site News / Re: New theme: Sunrise
« on: Jan 08, 2019, 08:02:10 PM »
I think maybe I'm just blind, but I cannot find this.  :blsh:

Could you try again for me, pretty please? Adjusted something :D Thank you!

EDIT: me am good rightar 'n' draw-er

Guidelines & Site News / New theme: Sunrise
« on: Jan 08, 2019, 07:32:10 PM »
There is a new theme installed on GR called Sunrise. Users should be able to choose to use it (if they wish), by logging in, going to their profile, and choosing "look & layout." The Sunrise theme has 2 color schemes, Night and Day (white & Orange/Dark greyblue and bright blue). You can change from Night and Day schemes simply by hitting the Sun/Moon symbol within the header image of GR's website.

Please feel free to use it if GR's original/dark theme is not to your taste. Unfortunately, Tabbed Categories do not work in this theme so do not be alarmed at ALL THE FORUMS <3 Thank you and happy Tuesday!

Events / [OOC] GreaterRealms NEEDS you!
« on: Jan 05, 2019, 02:04:51 AM »
There are several things that need you--yes--you! You lurker, you-used-to-play-but-left-cause-chat-room-sucked, you still-with-us-but-on-discord-more! You, a member of GR, GR needs!

First, I need as many people as possible to weigh in on, express their opinions, and test out the only current semi-decent chat room option I could find. That topic is HERE:

Second, I need as many people as possible to do the exact same as above, but with their opinions on forum software. So you want to stick to SMF? Do you want to change to something else? Do you want to do a fund raising drive and try and purchase a forum software (like xenforo, or Invision,) ? You can tell me everything you like or hate or suggest or think HERE:

I really, really do not want to go head long into an entire community decision without as much of that entire community aware of, and if not approving, at least o.k. with any changes. If GR is going to grow, I need your help growing it. You matter to me. To this forum. You really, really do. Help me make GR the best I can by letting your voice be heard.

Thank you! Happy New Year!

Okay. So. I tried all the buttons to see how it looks in its various states. My only question so far is... will each of our posts show up like those chat bubbles? Because I don't like that part.

Bubble background – the background color of an actual message bubble (for users other than yourself)

My bubble background – the background color of an actual message bubble (for your messages; TIP: make it differ from the Bubble background)

Bubble text – the color of the text of a chat message (for users other than yourself)

My bubble text – the color of the text of a chat message (your posts)

Message time/typing info – the color of timestamps and the typing indicator

Bubble avatar – the color of the guest user avatar (TIP: use in connection with Top toolbar > Room icon / Conversation avatar icon)

The above quote is taken from the Chatwee blog itself. It sounds like for the first bit if needed, I could change the color of the chat bubbles to blend in entirely to whatever background color we choose for the chat until I can take time and get my hands on the CSS or any code that I may be allowed to, for further customizing. I also assume changing the background color won't change the spacing of the invisible bubbles however or how it might display in a chat.

I like Pharlen's suggestion as well! And I think that I might very well do that this year! I will make a note to create a volunteer prize/offerings thread. In the meantime, I'm off to work!

Thank you Del for weighing in! I appreciate that opinion myself, as that's how I tend to approach a lot of things. "I'll figure out as I use it," xD Appreciate it!

Guidelines & Site News / Transparency: in the interest of this site
« on: Jan 04, 2019, 03:23:08 PM »
Hello GR lovelies!

In the interest of being completely transparent, I would like to discuss a little bit of private life. I hope I won't bore you to tears and I hope this doesn't come across as needy mcWhiney Pants. Anyway! Due to changes in insurance, we are losing an extra $400 every two weeks. I am currently employed at a base level retail position as part time, where in I may pull in $100-$250 a month after the Christmas rush. After careful budget re-adjustment, my husband and I, with our small family included, will have exactly $22 every two weeks to spare, or, $45 a month. This budget does include: our groceries, cat food for 5 cats, birdfood for 4 birds, our power bills, mortgage, credit card payments and so on. We will not be starving, obviously!

But, this will impact this website in such a way: currently we have saved in paypal $63.76 toward April's $119.40 yearly Dreamhost cost. In addition, if we are to start using Chatwee (which at the moment has approval by 2 members -- please test it and give me your opinions!) that is an additional monthly cost of $19.

Until I am able to find, and apply for a full time job, as my currently employment has no room or no will to give full time hours, my husband and I will not be able to afford to keep up with Chatwee and we are unsure which credit card we may have to pull from to pay April's bill.

I am aware how this post sounds, and that it does come across as begging, and I apologize for that, but at the moment, this is basically where I am as your admin, and this is the situation. If it takes GR another six months to move forward either in a chat room, an update, please be patient with me. I, as well as The Red Neck, are the only active staff members at this time. (Although we are looking for mods and fellow admins!)

Thank you so much for reading! All my love,
AKA: Mel
AKA: Suliss'urn

Okay. So. I tried all the buttons to see how it looks in its various states. My only question so far is... will each of our posts show up like those chat bubbles? Because I don't like that part.

I am hugely assuming that, even that part of the chat should be able to be customized via CSS, or it may be a feature turned off in the chat. That is something I will write down to search through their community however and see if I can find any posts about it. Thank you!

Sorry for replying to my own posts! But I figured I'd toss one of the only suggestions I've found:

Chatwee - Price: $19 a month for 50 users, group chats, 10 chat rooms, 25 chat moderators, White label, CSS customization, support and unlimited message history. However, at $19 there is NO single sign on . Some other features would be clickable links, images and animated gifs (let's not worry about these though unless a decision is made about chat), off line messaging, private chats with private chat history, messenger style group conversations, cross-tab synchronization.

The only issue with using the above would be: if we can't afford the monthly fee, we lose the chat until we can afford it again. And that brings up a few other questions: if we (or I) can't afford the $19 a month, do we lose any customization made? Chat history? Where do all the settings and such go? Does Chatwee keep them saved for a time on their servers?

Chatwee does have a full demo with default colors available on their site for you to test and check out. Please let me know any information you have about the Chatwee company, your opinions, thoughts, and any other chat suggestions! Thank you! 

Thank you Kal! Appreciate it, and I might just go that way, depends on if I can figure out how to convert all our posts/accounts + how you'd install a different forum software over and old one? (Or what. It'll take a while!)

I am 99.9% sure they are using the newest version of phpBB :3

Currently GR is running on Simple Machines Forum, a free forum software. There are many forum softwares available that we could either change to, or stick with SMF if the community wishes it. There are also some paid forum software out there too.

Simple Machines (Free)
ElkArte (Free)
phpBB (Free)
MyBB (Free)
FluxBB (Free)
Xenforo (paid)
Invision (paid)
Vanilla (Open Source /Paid)
vBulletin 5 (Paid)
Wolt Lab Suite (Paid)
Plush Forums (Paid)

Which one(s) do you like the idea of? Which ones do you think we could afford? Do you want to stick with SMF, or keep to the free software? Did I miss a forum software you really like? What's your opinions? Please comment below, you're helping me build a community that everyone will enjoy! Thank you!

You're very welcome!

Any and all chat room/chat software suggestions welcome. I will take a look at anything. I'd much prefer us to find something all together that might bring the community to a consensus as well as bring us together in chat with something everyone enjoys. ESPECIALLY with a good PM system! xD If it can be integrated, great. If not? Well. We'll work with that, too.

GreaterRealms Questions & Support / Taking Chatroom suggestions!
« on: Dec 16, 2018, 09:59:12 PM »
As many of you probably already know, and for those of you who do not: Prochat, the company who created GR's chatroom went out of business, leaving us with a semi-buggy (but better thanks to Kalamere's hard work!) chat room that's not entirely what we all wanted. (Close! But not perfect.)

Most of the chat programs I have come across are basically monthly plans ranging from $19 to upward of $69 a month. Obviously, the pricier chats will be out of my range, and perhaps even yours, to support monthly. But a chat that may cost $20 a month for a certain amount of rooms and features and users (since we're small anyway!) might be a good idea.

But I'm not sure were to start. And I don't want to randomly pick one (like before :p) without community input, suggestions and testing.

What do you think? What chats do you like the look of? What software or chat room hosting companies look good to you? Thanks!

Kal, I definitely do not feel slighted by the least! I cannot speak for GR's players as a whole, but I hope they feel the same way. I enjoy using all the various means of text-based and forum based role play in my favorite setting, it made sense that GR would reflect that personal preference. I also realize my inactivity reflects on GR, and will be trying to start brain storming on how I can get my energy back!

 I hope in the coming months that I can figure out with the community's help which software to go to (or to stay with SMF) and how to convert as well as re-build some features in the future!

Thanks so much Kal!

Good morning GreaterRealms, Rings of Honor/Rings of Discord and Dragons Mark: RDI players!

Without going into details that are neither here nor there, I would like to take a short moment to make an official Administation announcement on our stance on the Rhy'Din community. I'll try and keep it short and simple so as to keep you all going about your day!

GreaterRealms supports all the Rhydin/Rhy'Din community regardless of where you play, how you play, and what website or program you use to role play in it. GR wishes heartily for ALL MEMBERS of any site to feel free to cross post, advertise, copy & paste, and play where you will. I may be currently the only staff member, and the worst (©) in activity at the moment, (and I apologize for that. I work in retail and I am currently limited in any coding knowledge to be able to handle upgrading this website) but I am aware of several issues within the community at the moment that have left people on all sides hurt and upset.

I reiterate that ALL are welcome here.

All I ask is for members to please remember to keep your issues, opinions, and grievances with any other RP sites to those RP sites in question. I cannot address or fix problems that aren't GreaterRealms problems. Please be respectful. Please keep communicating, and please! Keep playing, posting, cross posting and having fun!

I have no current date nor idea when GR will be updated, but rest assured that I will do my Unicorn Best to keep GR around until I'm no longer breathing.

Stay creative and stay wonderful! Your friendly, Semi-Weird Admin,
AKA: Mel

Guidelines & Site News / Re: State of GR - Jam 13th 2018
« on: Jun 25, 2018, 10:52:07 AM »
I have a remedy for the chat and it's free as well. Check out Discord. You can create multiple channels(chat rooms) all on one server and if you want to go that route you can even set a dicebot in it as well.

Thank you for the suggestion! Although, as many of my members are also members of Dragons' Mark, RDI, and ROH, I am familiar with the fact that many members are not comfortable with, or enjoy, using Discord. While I have no issues with discord personally, I am more invested in using a system that my members would be more comfortable with or at least, something that seems more familiar-ish to them.

Guidelines & Site News / Re: State of GR - Jam 13th 2018
« on: Apr 28, 2018, 01:02:30 PM »
What was the final decision on this btw? I've been out of the loop for so long.

Right now, until I am 100% certain I can: transfer all posts and accounts + set up a new forum with at least as many features like what we have (without the chat room unfortunately) , and then do extensive testing with a small group willing to do so when all of the rest are done--there's no final decision yet. I want to make sure I do not rush and I want to make sure I do it as well as I can, since I would be doing it 100% on my own. <3 Thanks for checkin' in! As soon as I get an "alpha" site up, I will start bugging anyone interested in testing it.

If I were to work on moving us to a new forum software, there would probably be months of warning and chances to back up--as I have learned a lot about forum running since taking the forum over years ago and going from phpBB to SMF. One of the things I would do is extensive private testing of layouts, add ons and more between myself and a few volunteers before remotely thinking about making the change. Getting over excited and trying to add things while a forum is 'live' was a bit of Me-flubb at the time :3 Thank you for your input!

Guidelines & Site News / State of GR - Jan 13th 2018
« on: Jan 13, 2018, 07:48:00 AM »

Here's where we're at!

1. Many of our modifications (Arcade, etc) no longer work, are out of date, or no longer supported.
2. SMF eventually will have an entirely new version, 2.1. There's a 99.9% chance most of our mods we enjoy now (Subaccounts, chat room) will be lost or no longer work, because, let's be brutally honest, I have no idea how to code properly and if it wasn't without the help of Kalamere , we wouldn't have half the wonderful features (that work) now.
3. SMF isn't as nearly as popular as phpBB is. The more I look into forum software that is free (currently all I can afford), I wonder if it would benefit the site more trying to convert us. The problem with that is: a lot of the same as upgrading (eventually) to the beta 2.1 for SMF. Many of the mods we have will no longer work or be available (subaccounts), or I will not be able to code a lot of the customization I have now.

The question I pose to you and the issue that bothers me is this: Should we continue using software that grows increasingly out of date for sake of the customization and useful modifications we have now that still work? Do we run the risk of increasingly out of date code and all the hazards which come with it? Our chat room is no longer supported, as the company or persons who created it no longer exist on the internet, so it is already out of date and possibly a risk. It does not sit well with me at all that at this time, I am an ineffectual administrator in being able to keep the forums updated.

I have said, and I have promised that Greater Realms is going no where and that is 100% true, regardless. I will continue paying for the domain and the web host and continue making sure spam bots are addressed. But I do not wish to be stuck like this and I do not wish all of you to be stuck using a site that slowly stops working, ends up hacked, or so full of errors it's impossible to use. Either way: upgrading or changing forum software, we will lost chat and subaccounts either way.

What do you think? What do you feel? What would you like to see? Would you follow GR either way (as long as posts and main accounts remain?). Please let me know!

Guidelines & Site News / Current login issues with forum header
« on: Sep 03, 2017, 04:56:45 PM »

Hey dididly yoooo my fellow RP peoples! Hi! How are ya? I hope your Sunday is a funday. A few beautiful members have brought to my attention some login woes, so I went digging to see what's what (and also, y'know, how to fix it in case it was my fault.) I'm relieved to find that apparently I didn't break it!

Login issues using the main website or forum header MAY be caused by Dreamhost using Varnish. It is a known issue that SMF and Varnish do not get a long entirely. For now, members please try using the official log in page for GR, found here:

In the meantime, I'll send off a curious "hey guise," letter off to Dreamhost to see if there's anyway they can fiddle with it to fix it. But rest assured! You CAN login! Just not the super easy way via the forum/page header. Bookmark and use the login page for now!

Happy gaming! AND I LOVE you!

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