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Events Forum
« on: Aug 05, 2013, 07:48:17 PM »

Welcome to GreaterRealms Event forums.

What is the Events Forum?
The Events forum is a forum that is the hip happenin' place for ALL of your in character events, open story lines, chat room events, and forum-post story line needs. Here members may advertise any open plots, forum story lines or Live RP events in chat rooms their wonderful little minds may think of. You aren't just limited to GR events, however. If you are running an event on Dragon's Mark: The Red Dragon Inn, or an event on Rings of Honor you may cross post your events here.

Hooked into our Calendar
If you decide you would like to post the event and dates on GR's calendar, consider visiting the calendar first, clicking on the date in which you would like the event to start and making sure you have checked, "Link to forum post." What this will do is link the Calendar event to a forum post right here in the Events forum. Then, if anyone checks the calendar or sees events in the mini calendar, they can click on the link and open up that nifty post you made detailing your event right here in the forum. You may also choose how many days the event runs, which will add the event's recurring days automatically.

Quick info:

Posts marked with [ROH] Are playables, community SL's, rumors or more found on the website Rings of Honor (a site also set in RhyDin)
Posts marked with [RDI] Are playables, community SL's or more found on the website Red Dragon Inn (a site also set in RhyDin)
Posts with no marking are community SL's, events, or plots happening right here on GreaterRealms.

 You own a rock. It's a rock with a symbol on it. Nobody is sure what it does.    Light, flexible, and handy for the acrobatic types.    A versatile vegetable for cakes, stews, meals and rabbits.    RhyDin's finest home made brew. Random and questionable contents which all lead to the same thing: getting stupefied drunk. Warning label reads: May cause fire breathing, murderous rampages, embarassing confessions, illusions of grandeur, overly affectionate thoughts and gut rot. Drink at your own risk.    A heavy long steel shield, enchanted with nature and shaped to resemble a leaf. The shield is said to be able to cloak the bearer in forested areas three times a day.    Madam Curio's specialty potion. One potion can restore either a tiny tidbit of health, stamina, mana (magic), strength, dexterity, perceptions or intelligence with one draw back: the effect is random and the drinker has no idea which will be bolstered.   A steel shuriken, or throwing star. Easily concealed, these weapons can be thrown or hidden in the palm for slashing or puncturing.    A deep green ring carved from spinel. Engraved are shapes of twisting vines that seem to reach out. This ring is ensorcelled to allow the wearer to cast Tangling Vines, a spell to trap a target, twice a day.   A necklace with the mummified claw of a supposed harpy. It is said the necklace may grant the wearer feather fall once a day.    This health potion is enough to restore light wounds (cuts, bruises, knock outs.) It may be enough to keep serious wounds together long enough to seek medical attention...but it isn't recommended for near-death health issues.    A splendid long cloak dyed as black as a starless night. To keep a body warm or to keep them hidden in the shadows?  
The Wizard of Words award is given to members who have created 50 topics on GR, celebrating their words. This award is given to players with a bad ass character. This award is granted to members who have become prolific posters on GreaterRealms. The Enkindler Award is given to the Top Ten Topic Starters here on GreaterRealms. A small thank you from us for starting something good! An award given to the Top 10 members who have spent the most time online here at GreaterRealms. Thank you for your time! This award is granted to members who have volunteered and who are volunteering to be staff or bard at GR.
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