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    Open Thread Ask a Drow

    It might have happened then. It might have happened later. It might have happened days ago. A scrap of parchment in the box. Which box? Did it matter? On the parchment in neat calligraphy a bit of verse from a human named Sassoon. “Dark clouds are smouldering into red While down the craters...
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    *taptap* Is this thing on?

    Hey D! Welcome to the madness. So great to find another CWTer out there! :dnc:
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    GR's Halloween Event - I really want and need your help! :)

    I can take on spiders. The Murder will be busy furthering its nefarious goals.
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    GR's Halloween Event - I really want and need your help! :)

    Having it pointed out to me that this is on a Friday and not a Saturday, I can totally help out. Just tell me what you need. :)
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    Music that inspired RP or is inspired by RP

    Sid and Scottie (to contrast the break-up angst, which is delicious. :D ) nNnBcCk7eDA
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    TOT - Fatherhood (Ricoh)

    That was it. That was the moment my life changed. The event was bloody and sweaty. There was shouting and great pain. All the things that precipitate great life events. And portents. The seas boiled. The suns burst. A child cried, soft and frightened. A child in my arms. New born. Red-faced...
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    TOT - Fatherhood (Ricoh)

    My son was hungry and let the world know about it. He gathered great lungfuls of air and screamed his displeasure. He doesn't form words yet. He feels. Feels hungry. Feels tired. Feels frustrated. Feels pain and fear. I realized early on, I'm not so different than him except for size and the...
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    TOT - Fatherhood (Ricoh)

    ((My Ricoh Gideonn went through a lot (what character doesn't?) as a soldier in Sabattann. Some of it bad (he ended up a paraplegic). Some of it good. He became a father. And wrote this little blurb.) By morning. I promised Roan. By morning. I looked at her tear-streaked face, caressed her...
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    TOT - FAQ

    (I maintained the Times of Tribulation website for a good while. Here's a draft of the FAQ I wrote. Not exactly a FAQ though. More like the intro to one. Wee.) As to the destruction on Sabbattan, is it pretty much, world-wide, mass destruction where everything has been destroyed? Zooming ahead...
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    CWT -- The Chalice in the Palace (Ashoken)

    (Found this next installment will rummaging around my dead Live Journal. It's very very rough. But it was meant as the next installment.) I'm up to my elbows in flour, kneading dough till it seems that's all I've ever done. Around me the kitchen blooms into life. The scent of baking bread and...
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    Walk a mile in their shoes [Writing Game]

    Pharlen, Pharlen, Pharlen. I love this! Am I sick that I really enjoyed the details about the crows and hogs? Because that's what happened back then. <3 <3 <3 I just love this to pieces. Thank you! :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt:
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    Walk a mile in their shoes [Writing Game]

    Skid, darling, you brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart. How awesome is that? :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt:
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    Walk a mile in their shoes [Writing Game]

    Damn, Mel. Now I want you to do Jack because I want your awesome. SO BAD. :) But you don't have to. Just know you are great! :hrt:
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    It's Time for that Question of Character!! What is your char's signature song?

    This one's for Gemmie.
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