Jul 2, 1978 (Age: 42)
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Exhausted Retail Unicorn or Admin
Character Info
Admin character names are currently: Sulissurn, Risa Jones, A Flawed Verse, Carefully Tailored, Of Rivia and more. Several of the character have yet to be recreated on Xenforo, but Sulissurn and Risa Jones will definitely make their rounds soon.
Character Appearance
Visit my lists character's profiles (when I have them :3)
Coffee addicted Administrator
Out of Character
Hello! Welcome to GreaterRealms. I am your friendly neighborhood administrator, website owner and fellow role playing nerd. My real life name is Mel, some of the characters you may know me through are: Suliss'urn Xukuth, Risa Jones, Ran, Geralt of Riva and many more over the years.

I took over administration and website maintaining of GreaterRealms from its original creator, S.L. Watson many years ago. Since then I have been dedicated to providing alternative chat room and forum role play that is cross-genre, cross-media in a setting called RhyDin, originally created on AOL chatrooms.

RhyDin is simply a name for a planet, or magical realm where all times, all genres, all species, stories and more can role play together (or not.)

If you have ANY questions, concerns, or need help in anyway, you can contact me ANY time at:

Emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Private message me right here on the forums!

Real time chats:
Discord user Pinkatron2000#0794


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