Awards at GreaterRealms

All of the awards and medals you can currently earn at GreaterRealms.
Founder: This award is given to those who stuck with us through the change from SMF to Xenforo, as well as posted on our new forums.
March Merry Madness: This character managed to survive through the March Merry Madness brought on by pixies, the fae, and goodness knows what else to participate in GRs' first event on their first forum.
Better than a Teddy Bear: This award is given to a character that is better to hug than a giant stuffed teddy bear.
Beer Brawl: Awarded to the character that started an epic bar brawl.
Helping Hand: This award is presented to GR members who always seem to have amazing advice and ready to help anyway they can.
1st Event: This member participated in their first GR event!
Butts: This award is given to a member that suggests butts. We are exceedingly mature people here at GR.
Super Squishy: Awarded to a GR member who is possibly one of the friendliest we've had.
Punderful: If there's a pun intended, this member with find it and use it. They're...punderful

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