A good night gone bad Part 2 (after it all)

Aurora Thorne

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(this is the immediate aftermath of part 1)

Aurora Thorne: -she would soon have her hands and face and arms clean, she'd felt tears wanting to trickle from her eyes but sniffed and blinked a bit, trying to show strength- "...I am weak.....I am frail..." -her thoughts going back to Raelin's comments, the towel was sat aside as she looked off toward a wall-

Dante Keltar: "You are one of the strongest i know. You need refirm it. I can help you. Trust me." He breathes out. trying to breath slowly.

Aurora Thorne: -her eyes found the mirror on the wall and she stared at herself, bringing her hand slowly up to trace along the bruised right eye with that healing salve caked on, then slowly fingertips traced along the dark bruising around her neck, she swallowed shallowly and then a sigh came from her lips, she looked herself over, passed the bruises and cuts and frowned softly- "...im a woman, men look at us as if we are prizes for the taking...only when they want us....but any other time we are on a shelf...untouched...unpampered...unloved" -her voice became a murmer as she spoke and didnt take her eyes off the mirror, Aurora's mind was taking her emotions to a dark place-

Dante Keltar: He lifts up on his good elbow. "Is that what you think I am doing... puttting you on a shelf.. He was a littled winded cause putting some pressue on his ribs,

Aurora Thorne: -when she finally looked back toward him, tears streamed down her cheeks, she couldn't stop them, but her eyes were focused and looking at him- "....i..." -she took a breath as she tried speak but continued- "...i have sat aside and watched...as women come and go in your life....I continued to watch for years to come ...because we are friends, i never spoke a word of how I felt,,,I was happy for you....worried about you when you hurt..." -she shrugged- "i 'ave never ...had someone ..."

Dante Keltar: He sits up. a good hand touch her cheek. "Aurora.... You shouldn't want anything to do with me... I am cursed remember. I will hurt you. You are too precious to me to hurt. You should run from me." He sighs. "I do want you... but I can't give you more what your heart wants." He closed and kissed her lips. "Not right now... At least.'

Aurora Thorne: -she let him kiss her lips and would stay close to him- "..why?"

Dante Keltar: "I need more time... "

Dante Keltar: "I do want want to make love you to you."

Aurora Thorne: -she blinked softly and nodded gently- "Dante..there is more to a relationship than...love making" -she would take his good hand in both of her. her fingers trembling softly, she would kiss his fingers gently ,her eyes closing-

Dante Keltar: "I can't be more than than a lover too you. It's too soon to be more."

Aurora Thorne: -a small frown came to her lips hearing him...her mind settling some, the emotions were letting the anger of earlier evens fade, now things were just turning to longing again and she felt a knot wanting to form in her chest, she was hurt- "my heart...wants you to be happy...Dante.." -she slowly released his hand and sat there nearby on the bed, a hand move to carefully wipe her eyes-

Dante Keltar: "Aurora..... I just got out of relationship. I need time. I want you to be happy.'

Aurora Thorne: -she nodded her head, she was trying to be understanding, she knew what he had gone though with his last. She looked up at him- "i ...think i need to get cleaned up" -she stood and made her way to the door of his cabin, she'd slip outside and take the few steps down the small corridor it took to go to her door, the key was dug from her skirt pocket as well as her phone, she would unlock the door quickly and slip inside her cabin, every movement she made hurt, it had a right too after the night she'd had-

Dante Keltar: He leans toward her. hissing at the pain, "Please don't go."

Aurora Thorne: -she was quicker than his words and she hadnt heard them before she'd gone to her cabin-

Dante Keltar: He picked up the phone, asking her to come back to him. and stay.

Aurora Thorne: -the door clicked locked and she threw the cellphone down on the bed not hearing the ringer as she rounded the room slowly, boots were tossed haphazardly somewhere, the skirt came off and since it was ruined was thrown into the trash, her vest went flying across the room as she threw it and knocked a glass off of her desk, it shattered on the floor,swimsuit she pulled off, the jacket was somewhere there too...she headed into the bathroom and started both hot and cold water, building up a steam-

Dante Keltar: He sighs softly and moves. He knew he needed to clean up. Been one hand will a problem. she needed time. He moves and washed his hand the best he can. He had Aurora's blood on him. He tried to kicked off his shoes.

Aurora Thorne: -she would climb into the tub, she would have usually taken a shower, Aurora slowly leaned against the wall of the shower and pressed her black eye against the cool tile for a moment, then the tears started to fall, she would sob, blood was washing off of her as the shower rained down on her, she slowly slid down the side of the shower until she was sitting on the floor, the steam that was building up was so thick it hid her, she would curl up there on the floor, a scream echo'd in the shower as she let it out, but more crying and sobbing would come after-

Dante Keltar: He jumped hearing the scream. He moves to her door. and slams his good fist on it.

Aurora Thorne: -she may have heard the pounding on the door or may not have, at the moment she as sobbing and crying so hard that all she heard for sure.were those echos in the shower, the steam rising up had fogged up the bathroom, the water was at least washing the blood from her skin, doing its part to clean her, her long brown hair was wet and curled into ringlets and sticking to her a bit, she let the thoughts of anger, sadness, weakness and the longing for things she felt she would never have well up inside her-

Dante Keltar: He tooked out his own key and open the door. He moves to the bathroom. "Aurora....."

Aurora Thorne: -she was partly laying half leaning curled up against the far wall of the shower, the steam wafting around her, she snorted softly as she sobbed- "what..do you want?" -the water was beating softly on her skin from the shower head above-

Dante Keltar: "I don't want you to be alone. I don't want to be alone.'

Aurora Thorne: -she shrugged her shoulders, staying where she was leaning, her eyes were closed, the shrug wasnt one meaning she didnt care, it just meant she didnt care what happened to her right now, a feeling of depression might have been thick around her-

Dante Keltar: He moves to get her. didnt want her sick. He turned off the water. swooping her up naked and all. in his arm. ignoring the pain. "Do not shut me out.... You don't want me to turned off my heart remember. You do not do the same. He set her on the bed. looking for a night grown. He was going to dress her. He was in pain but she needed to be taking care of.

Aurora Thorne: -her brown eyes seemed distant, but she blinked them, she looked down at the floor near her desk her eyes had caught sight of the vest which was laying on top of the broken glass, for a very short few seconds she considered the shards of shattered glass, maybe with thoughts of what she could do...but then she just closed her eyes and sat there on the bed..She hated herself...he would find a gown of soft silk it was light blue and seemed warm, it was in a chest of drawers-

Dante Keltar: "Look at me..." He commanded. he slips the night gown over her head. trying the best with on arm. He put his thumb up and lifts up her chin. "Look at me." softly than before. "Let me in."

Aurora Thorne: -she felt the gown slip on over her head, over her shoulders, it was natural enough to put her arms through the sleeves, the material would hug to her form, as he lifted her chin and spoke, she'd blink again a bit of a far off stare..but then she focus and her eyes looked up into his, it wasn't for certian she was coming back around just yet, but she heard him-

Dante Keltar: He waited for her to focus. caressing her cheek.

Aurora Thorne: -she blinked and took a breath, a little bit of expression coming back to her features, she looked into his eyes, a little from forming-

Dante Keltar: "Don't do that again... " He said softly. "I promise when I am ready I let you in." he took her hand and pressed it to his chest. "You are already in there.... remember that."

Aurora Thorne: -watching him, she felt her hand on his chest, her eyes not leaving his as he spoke, she seemed to have just come back from a
very bad place in her head and perhaps just in time, her eyes went to a soft brown color, she searched his face a moment, she nodded her head, her hand remaining pressed there against his heart-
Dante Keltar: 'please say something."

Aurora Thorne: "i love..you" -the words flowed over her lips, truth in every syllable, her eyes never leaving his, the meaning in her voice meant she would wait for him, for what ever he needed, she would gently take his good hand and lay it over her own heart- "you are there"

Dante Keltar: "I love you too." He sighs. "we both need our rest.... And Aurora.... I need you to relax a few days."

Aurora Thorne: -she nodded softly, she needed to rest, that was totally apeearent...even before the attack she hadn't had a good nights sleep- "stay w..with me" -she didnt want to be alone-

Dante Keltar: 'I told you I will. But I don't how much i can relax.... Can you help me undress?"

Aurora Thorne: -she nodded and would be very gentle- "ok hold that arm still" -helping him out of his clothes around the wrappings, a little frown came to her seeing how beat up he had gotten but she forced it away and smiled slightly, laying his clothes aside she'd help him sit down on the bed-

Dante Keltar: he flinched. she was lucky that she was healed , He had many weeks, "wrap my arm back up, cant do anything about my ribs.'

Aurora Thorne: -she thought for a moment as she looked over the arm and he talked about his broken ribs- "..i might have something ...that can help" -she offered-

Dante Keltar: 'Hmm?"

Aurora Thorne: -she stood up and moved over to the old wooden chest, she opened it and gently moved the violin case aside, she dug down under a couple blankets and other items she had stored inside the chest, there were papers and maps and things inside too, but she fished with her fingers a moment under all that and found the bottom of the chest, she would press something hidden and unseen and there was a click as a panel somewhere in the chest opened, she took out a viale from inside- "...something that was my mother's...there is only a little left"

Dante Keltar: "Keep it. I can heal.. we might need that another day." he would do his best, to wrap his arm back up.

Aurora Thorne: -she closed the chest and would show him a small vile, the cap and bottom of it were old finely worked silver while the center was glass, inside there was a liquid that glowed green-blue- "no...i can get more...i want you to use this" -she moved to him and would attempt to stop him from moving much-

Dante Keltar: "Aurora... we can use it another day. what happeneds if someone else might need it. I need sleep, Baby."
Dante Keltar: "thank you."

Aurora Thorne: "my mother was ocean-fae...and an alchemist...she made this liquid salve from sea-kelp..it would help you" -she frowned at him, only wanting to help him heal quickly-

Dante Keltar: "Please,,,, I just need to heal on my own. Thank you for thinking of it." He prollly going to ask for it tomorrow when he ache all. He would moves back slowly. "My magic should re turned in a few days."

Aurora Thorne: -she'd watch him move back and then made a judgement on the spot, she quickly pulled the stopper from the bottle and would dropper the green-blue liquid onto his shoulder then down across his ribs, she might have wasted some of it but, the blue green glow would grow as it made contact with his skin, she'd stopper the little vial and turn sitting it on the bedside table, not looking back at him just yet, the glow would grow around his torso and his shoulder, he might feel like his wounds were in a warm ocean water -

Dante Keltar: He sighs. "when are you going to listen to your captain?" he felt the warmth from the vile.

Aurora Thorne: -the liquid salve would start a warming effect around the ribs that were crack and the shoulder that was sore, then a gentle tingling as the pain in his ribs would become less, the magic in the salve would quicken the healing over the next few days and lessen the aches- "..i'm sorry Captain...I thought it was what was best" -she nodded her head and would settle on the bed beside him-

Dante Keltar: Some of the ache seem to fade. "One day I going to spank you." The broken ribs would be there.. and dislocated shoulder. Bur it seens to be a pain reliever, "It hurts less."

Aurora Thorne: "maybe a few days time...you'll be healed up right" -the glow seeped into his skin and would fade away but the healing effects and that cozy warmness stayed in those hurt places...she looked over at him when he mentioned spanking and a little grin started to show itself on her lips- "...perhaps someday.." -she leaned closer- "i'll let you" -she must have been feeling better-

Dante Keltar: He kissed her lips. He still kept still. he didnt't want to hurt his shoulder more. "Good night, Aurora."

Aurora Thorne: -she would kiss his lips and lay down giving him room but she would cuddle close once he was comfortable- "good night Dante" -she closed her eyes and tried to sleep-

Dante Keltar: Soon he was asleep.

Aurora Thorne: -sleep would take her as she cuddled with him, the blankets pulled up close to her, she wouldnt have dreamless sleep..a few nightmares mixed in but she had, been through plenty and after a while she would get some rest-

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