A good night gone bad. (when thugs attack)

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Time: Evening.
Scene: The Funderdome, Hottub.
Events: Aurora, Dante, Veronika and Raelin soaking in hottub.

Dante Keltar: "Are you sure you don't want to use the hot tub. they are bathing suits here." to Aurora.

Demonizer: "Aye... but the more the merrier.." He winked at the Captain as he took a couple more shots from the golem that awaited and sipped on one, watching Gothrak with a bit of a growl. A cheer ya on type of growl. Nothing could truly break this high

Aurora Thorne: -she looked between Raelin and Dante, then over at the hot tub once she heard Dante- "...i guess..it wouldn't hurt." -she smiled and stood, she made her way over to the hot tub, all the while fingers worked to unlace the leather vest top and she would set it aside, then that brown cloth skirt which would slip down her legs with a little work, she was left wearing a black two piece swimsuit..and for the moment her boots-

Demonizer: A couple more shots down and Raelin was ready for some hot tub action. Or to just soak. He was beat honestly. He took off his greatsword, peeling off the strap and off slid his pants. He was all about commando, though some days he regretted it. nothing but a pile of jeans and belt buckle at his feet. No Shame.. he waved around to the ladies. When he made his way over to Gothrak, "Tada!!!!" He made a show of jazz hands like an idiot, all in good fun.

Dante Keltar He groan hearing Raelin.

Aurora Thorne -she'd set her clothes to the side and pull her boots off, then into the water she went, moving to the opposite side before she sat down on one of the seats, the water up to her shoulders-

Demonizer He looked down and pulled on his flacid dingy and sighed while holding his balls. Obscene but funny at the same time. "It doesn't always look this small!" he whined. Mind you.. it really wasn't that small at all, ... right?

Dante Keltar 'Raelin!"

Aurora Thorne -she sat letting the water come up around her and just sank lower and lower under, the bubbling water-

Demonizer WIthout a single care in the world, the Captain got one finger salute, playfully of course and quickly slipped into the water squeezing in... "Hey! Watch your hands missy!" He teased Aurora, even though no one touched him whatsoever!

Aurora Thorne -her eyes blinked open she looked up at and over at Hope a smile on her lips, the water felt amazing, but then her attention went to Raelin and she rolled her eyes softly before closing them again, she simply dunked under the hot water-

Dante Keltar He moves to the hot tub. and shaking his head. He slide his shirt off. some bruises were on his chest. He was undoing his belt. He pulled down his pants. he wasn't wearing anything under his pants. but that was normal for the captain.. He slide into the water with a sigh.

Demonizer He quite enjoyed the bubbles on his... stuff. Never had he ever been in a hot tub. He had been in many normal tubs. He looked up seeing the Captain with a big grin. "welcome Capt."

Dante Keltar "so you are happy introduce you to the dome?'

Aurora Thorne -she was right below the surface of the bubbly water, her hair wet and wanting to stick to her, she kept her eyes closed, settling into the underwater near silence around her, she let out a tiny few air bubbles as she felt rather relaxed, she was relaxed at the moment, the water worked wonders-

Demonizer "oh... yes... very happy. What a beautiful ... dome. You know I"m all for new sights and adventures. " He chuckled a bit as he played with the bubbles.

Veronika Belfoure Moves closer the the extra set of bubbles being created by natural means. If and when Aurora surfaced she's come face to face with a chesty brunette.

Dante Keltar He watched Aurora. "I am glad she is coming out of her shell."

Demonizer Raelin's nose crinkled at the smell of something rotten. "oh Shit.... Capt!" He assumed it was the other male who had passed gas since ladies passed roses right?

Veronika Belfoure Aurora had a set of lungs on her. All the better. Slides into the seat nearest the woman and waits. "She does breathe, right?" Then again ...Rhydin.

Aurora Thorne -she let a few more bubbles of air come up then a smile comes to her face, she'd use her right foot to push herself up on the seat a bit better, her hands would come up to comb her hair which was string to curl into ringlets, back from her eyes, she caught Veronika's voice and her smile lit up-

Demonizer He watched the women with a sort of predatory look on his face, but he made no moves and soon he closed his eyes relaxing.. reliving the "experience".

Veronika Belfoure "Welcome back gorgeous." A sharp smile to Aurora. "Feeling better in the water?"

Dante Keltar Blue eyes flickers to Raelin. and then back to Aurora. He closed his eyes and soak in the warmness of the hot tub.

Aurora Thorne -she laughed a bit as she combed through her hair straightening some of it, her eyes would flicker open and she nodded to Veronika- "..aye..it feels amazing.." -she'd see Dante there and Raelin, then her attention was on Veronika again- "...well hello"

Demonizer "Dante, isn't this breaking rules with me and you naked and Aurora in here too?" He smirked, his eyes still closed.

Dante Keltar "what rules could that be?"

Demonizer "Aurora is off limits" he mused a bit. "I can see her naughty bits through her swimsuit... " OF course it was just the outline. "And I see yours too." He was grinning from ear to ear.

Dante Keltar "and You can see Veronika's too."

Demonizer "aye but she's not part of the crew. If Veronika let me.. I could have my way with her... " He would open his eyes long enough to offer Veronika a playful wink.

Dante Keltar "and Aurora is.. so she is off limits."

Veronika Belfoure Her arms had found their way around Aurora. Making sure to push buxom bosom into the woman. Then her name was being tossed around and that earned a look. "What?"

Demonizer "Well of course. That was exactly what I was eluding to. Are you sleepy, Capt or am I not making sense here." He grinned over at Veronika. "Forgive me... I was just wondering if I was breaking any rules by being naked in this hot tub with my Captain and First Captain, when Aurora is off limits like a caged bird." He grinned. "Do note, she is frail.. or so one might think."

Dante Keltar "You wonder why she is offlimits... and no in this hot tub. This is relaxing. touching her when she doesnt want to touch... that's off limits."

Dante Keltar "I dont need my crew lusting over Aurora when she has a duty to me and to my ship."

Aurora Thorne -she'd lean into Veronika and then she heard Raelin and shot him a look, but at the moment she just sort of sank into Veronika's arms, the wheels of her mind started to turn-

Dante Keltar "Besides Veronika is doing a mighty fine job of touching my first mate."

Veronika Belfoure "Her? Oh ..She's mine now. Isn't that right lovely?" Pets and strokes the wet ringlets of Aurora's hair. A wink to Ravyn for her clarification.

Demonizer "Very true... and point taken.. however... Why is it okay for others to touch her.. and yourself. Of course I mean just friendly stuff nothing dirty of the sort. But I sense you have this problem with a need to control. Then again you are Captain... I do feel that is a necessary trait..." He sighed with a rather content smile. "Oh I digress... I suppose I'm just not used to hearing No's and if one day, a certain lady may succumb to her needs and find that a certain someone may need them met... I just wanted to get more clarification. Is she able to break her vow of Chasity amongst crew?"

Dante Keltar "I have know Aurora since I am 17..... She is my best friend. there's no one I trust my life with.... She is the late Captain Thorne's daughter. It was set when he was captain." He looked to Raelin. "You may sense that I need to control. Sometimes I had let others control me."

Aurora Thorne -she gave a little huff of breath, she gently moved from Veronika's grasp and would stand up and look at the two men in their naked glory, Dante then Raelin- "stop it!" -she would growl at them both- "stop talking about me..like i be some prize peace of meat!!!" -she would walk through the water with ease between them and move up out out of the hot tub- "or some trophy!"

Demonizer There was a big smirk on Raelin's face. "Now now... didn't mean to get personal. This is old news. You act like I haven't been around ya both enough. It was a theoretical question. " He opened his eyes ,that smile turned a bit more devious as he watched Veronika with Aurora. "As beautiful as Aurora is... I would probably break her in half and no one would want that... right?" He looked to Aurora pointedly.

Aurora Thorne -she gathered her clothes and her boots and was off across the dome-

Hope "You fucking tell them girl!" She threw her fist in the air. "And if they don't get then, beat their asses!"

Demonizer Raelin looked a little shocked, though he couldn't help but smile at Aurora. "I stand corrected. Girl's got grit." He gave a shrug. There would be time later for apologies.

Dante Keltar He sighs and then glares at Raelin. He moves out, slipping a bit. from the weak. He moves after Aurora.

Demonizer "Hey Captain.. Maybe you should just let her be... I think we've both done enough damage no?" He knew from experience that sometimes shutting up can do wonders.

Aurora Thorne -she pulled on the jacket and in the swimsuit she somewhat gracefully for being as upset as she was would walk into the skirt, and carry her boots and the vest and out the door, yes it was cold but she was off in a run, maybe a boot on as she slammed the door-

Veronika Belfoure She was already missing Aurora.

Dante Keltar The door was slammed in his face.

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Aurora Thorne: -Aurora had ran, after pulling on the other boot, the vest was pulled around her but left open in the front over the swimsuit, she was out of the area of the city where the Dome stood, Aurora was mad, she was hurt, she was furious, a few sniffles came from her but no tears fell, she when she looked up from her angry thoughts she found herself in an alleyway, her running had taken her a long ways from the Dome, but as she moved deeper down this alleyway things got strangely darker, she was a bit lost, at the moment she didn't care-

Dante Keltar: Dante had ran, pushing through his weekness. He had text her again. looking for her. Needing to know she is safe.

Aurora Thorne: -there was a heavy rise and fall in her chest as she slowed her walk-

-from behind a large trash can a voice came, it was male and thuggish- "well, well what we got here?" -a form that stood taller than Aurora came from the lean behind the dumpster, he was accompanied by two other bigger forms, who came to block her path and another two big brutes came from a door way behind her, four of these men had pipes or heavy tools as weapons drawn and all of them were thugs-

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora sneered at the big guy who seemed to be the leader- "...i just be passin' through...i'll be on my way boys" -she was mad and just wished to be left alone.-

-the ringleader laughed and moved closer as he looked her over from head to toe stopping at the curves, the other laughed around her and they all had their eyes on her- "well ...now..just passin' through...lass?" -he grinned a bit nasty grin and reached out to grab her by the arm- "ain't she somethin' boys?!"

Dante Keltar: Seeing danger he had withdraw his gun. He moves, looking low for water sources. He stalked them. The time he needed his own muscle was no where to be seen. He would toward them. "easy there.... The lass is taken." He spoke. "I would say get your hands off of her. and go else where."

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora yanked her arm back and sent a fist into the leaders face,...it was hard enough to break out a few teeth-
-the others all stared as the big man was punched then the four lackeys heard the voice and all of them turned, each of them moved to block the leader and Aurora from Dante, these four had the assortment of pipes and tools and a couple of them at least had on some sort of armor shirt under their clothes- -the big man gave an angry roar and grabbed Aurora pushing up against the dumpster by her neck- "look hear bitch...yer gonna pay!"

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora attempted to slip from the grasp of the big man but she wasn't fast enough, she was slammed against the dumpster and gave out a gasp as he had his big greasy hand around her neck-

-Dante would probably be able to hear one of the rivers running through the city nearby, but the alleyway was dry except for some puddles-

Dante Keltar: He had fire low to the their thighs. Not wanting to hit Aurora. Hearing the water, he let out a sigh of relief. He moved closer continuing firing at the goons.

Aurora Thorne: -one of the goons ran toward Dante brandishing a thick lead pipe, he had managed to dodge a bullet and was closing in fast on the man, the second of the goons was hit and screamed out, but would stand next to the others making a wall, the third would stand his ground but the fourth was making his way behind a trash can going to use it for cover and pulled out a pistol of his own, taking a couple shots at Dante-

-Aurora threw her feet up kicking toward the man, she prayed a booted foot would hit home between his legs, her gasped breath with his hand around her neck she spoke out- "..let me go..LET ME GO!" -it was somewhere between anger and total adrenaline-

Aurora Thorne: -the brute with Aurora grinned and pushed her further back on the dumpster lid lifting her off her feet, a hand moved to open her already undone vest and groped her pulling the swimsuit top up, her kicks had hit his legs as he had turned a bit to guard against the kicks, he pressed himself against her a bit-

Dante Keltar: One bullet quickly up the the head of the down goon. He sends a foot into the other man. He grab his dagger tossed it the other man's back and pushed him into the man with the gun. shielding himself.

Aurora Thorne: -the first goon- "i got him boss!" -but before he could land the attack he took a bullet to the head, the second man would fall being kicked down but would roll out of the way..somewhere in the shadows...third man took a knife in the shoulder and shrieked out, he staggered back toward the wall, the third was shoved into the gunners direction and was shot by a shot being meant for Dante as the gunner was pushed onto his ass. but his gun was still in his hand-

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora screamed out as she fought against the big brute, she would push her hand toward his face, her fingers going for his eyes, she was aiming to gouge them both out as she continued to try to kick him off of her, she was slowly loosing ground as her air supply was being cut off, the gasping started to quicken, the fingers of her left hand clawed down his arm that held her by the throat-

Aurora Thorne: -the brute squeezed harder around her throat and would punch her across the face, he roared as blood was drawn from his arms and she took a hold of his face with her other hand- "ahh bitch my eyes!" -he didnt let her go through-

Dante Keltar: Hand came out. the water puddle next to him came up to be a shield. one bullet slight reared off hitting another man. He felt the drain for his magic. He pushed the water shield out, by forcing it toward the man's hand with the gun. in hope knocking it out of his hand. His fist came after the shield, hitting the man's chin.

Aurora Thorne: -the gunner would reload quickly, he would look up and get a fist to the face, he lept up and at Dante attempting go into close combat the gun had been dropped but he was swinging, the man who had taken the dagger to the shoulder would pull it out and slowly make it to his feet behind a dumpster-

Dante Keltar: He had taking a few hits him. He taste blood. somehow he had grab another dagger. using it with his punches. in hope he got some blood with his strikes.

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora pushed her thumb and pointer finger deeper into the mans eyes and started to twist up with her hand, kept struggling and felt her boot hit home between the brutes legs-

-the leader roared and reached his free hand down and at his side pulled a knife from a belt, meaning to kill her then and there, the blade was on the opposite side of him from where the fight was happening, he would jab it into her side. he was pulling his head back now to try to dislodge her hand, the kick to his groin had him roar in pain, just about the time he had stabbed her-

Dante Keltar: "Aurora!"

Aurora Thorne: -with the use of the dagger Dante was cutting the gunner to shreads, he took a few more punches at Dante, then started to faulter, the other goon had ran..either disloyal or scared-

-Aurora felt the blade slip into her side and screamed out, hand around her neck was squeezing so hard it came out garbled, both her hands went to the hand around her neck and a look of panic came to her features started to see black before her eyes- -the brute blinked and tears were forced down his cheeks as she pulled her fingers away from his eyes, he had hold of that dagger and started to pull up on the hilt-

Dante Keltar: He tossed the dagger in the back of the Aurora's attacker. In hope in taking his down. He forced himself up. and ready to fight against Aurora's attacker if need to be.

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora's hands struggled, she was losing any strength she had in her arms, she was pulling at the mans hand around her neck, trying to pry his hand from her neck, gasping something horribly, she let a hand move down toward the hand with the blade that was in her side, she tried to force the hands away, she couldn't...she couldnt fight him...her mind started reeling with thoughts of weakness..of insecurities she had, among other things and then she fell limp-

-the big brute grunted as the dagger caught him hard in the back it stuck but then fell away, he dropped Aurora letting her fall where ever she might land and he reached back behind the dumpster and pulled out a warhammer, turning his attention back to the alleyway he saw Dante-

Aurora Thorne: -the big guy moved his head from side to side, joints popped and cracked and he grinned and came quickly at Dante with a grunted roar, swinging the hammer down in a diagonal slash aiming to crush his right shoulder-

-blood was slowing heavy around the dagger that was left in Aurora's side....Aurora having been released from the grasp, her form slowly slid down the slanted lid of the dumpster, her feet coming to the ground after a few moments time, then gravity pulled her to the ground, she was unresponsive and ended up at first on her knees then slumped over to her side, the dagger pushed deeper into her because fates have it she fell onto it-

Dante Keltar: He picked up a pipe that one of the goon's were using. He straightening himself. ready for battle. He glanced to Aurora, limp and bleeding. He gripped the pipe harder. 'come at me."

Aurora Thorne: -the big guy moved his head from side to side, joints popped and cracked and he grinned and came quickly at Dante with a grunted roar, swinging the hammer down in a diagonal slash aiming to crush his right shoulder-

-blood was slowing heavy around the dagger that was left in Aurora's side....Aurora having been released from the grasp, her form slowly slid down the slanted lid of the dumpster, her feet coming to the ground after a few moments time, then gravity pulled her to the ground, she was unresponsive and ended up at first on her knees then slumped over to her side, the dagger pushed deeper into her because fates have it she fell onto it-

Dante Keltar: He brought the pipe up, blocking the hit. He slams his fist against the man's chin. He was good with the blade so it doesn't matter with the pipe.

Aurora Thorne: -the hammer being blocked, the man took the punch to the face- "oh so ye like fists...do ye?" -his voice was rough and angry, he was a muscle bound thug, he'd grin at Dante and throw the weapon down, then bring an elbow up toward Dante's chin-

Dante Keltar: He took the hit. and swung the pipe hard at the man's head in hope to knocked the man out.

Aurora Thorne: -the big brute would step to the side and back, dodging the swing of the pipe, just in time as it went by- "oh..come now...surely tha' whore isn't worth fighting fer" -he was taunting, as he had stepped back-

Dante Keltar: He smiled. the time using his magic. calling the river this way. It sound started as a tornado. turning his way. 'Don't call her a whore." all the water came in at once. pulling from the puddles. His eyes glowed as he called on the water intempted into drowning the man.

Aurora Thorne: "sure we can share her lad" -he'd grin, he was missing a few teeth, they were on the ground here somewhere- " 'n go fer a few more at th' fancy inn up the way" - that's when he heard the water- "what tha' hell!" -he'd look up and try to dodge around the watery tornado even going so far as to grab onto the dumpster beside him, but the flood took him up into the rush of water and that hit him washed him and some of the other filth in the alley away with it, he could be heard screaming then nothing more came from him-

Dante Keltar: He soon grab Aurora's. taking the dagger from her side. wrapping his shirt around her side. He carried her toward the dome. he needed help.

Aurora Thorne: -she would be scooped up easily into his arms, blood was already reddening the shirt, the ground around her was bloody where she had been laying, her form leaned on him-

Dante Keltar: He stop and seeing more blooding. putting some healing magic into her wound stopping the blood. "stay with me. Aurora."

Aurora Thorne: -she was unconscious, the bleeding had slowed for the time being, bruising was already forming on her neck, her face and across her stomach, the skirt had been cut a bit and was ruined with blood, she leaned there in his arms-

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Time: A Bit Later, Dante had contacted someone for help.
Scene: A dimly lit place.

Aurora Thorne: -being carried by Dante, Aurora's still form leaned against him, blood was starting to add to the already reddened shirt Dante had pressed against the wound, bruising was already forming on her neck the bruise resembling fingers of a big hand that had been choking her, her face and across her stomach, she weres a two piece swimsuit, a brown leather vest which usually ties closed but was open exposing flesh and a brown skirt which hangs down to her knees, black leather boots on her feet...she was limp against him-

Dante Keltar: He wasn't much bleeding and bruised. His handsome face was cut and bruised. He kept pushing his magic into her. losing his own strength in the process. It was a miracle that he was on his feet. He lowers her on the ground. putting pressure on her wound. "Stay with me, Aurora. I lost your father....I am not losing you."

Ciemny Panna: This evening wearing a beautiful, black Carissima sheath dress, with a button front and satin-ribbon waist tie, Helena is waiting. Her hair is blown back and fixed in a smart, but loose, chignon. On her feet are a pair of black satin, 100mm pumps. Beside her, Vayne. Her sentinel. In the dim lighting, Helena looked luminous. We'll say, for the sake of argument, that Aurora is on the ground before her. When she spoke, her voice was indifferent. "You have my payment?" Her hands were folded before her lap. Her lips in a small, relaxed frown.

Dante Keltar: He lifts up his chin. "I give you anything that you want... Just help me save her." He was weak. "Gold.... Silver... Rubies.." He spoke the black goddess who look she was surround light.

Dimensional: Silent as ever, he stood next to her with arms crossed over his chest. A black leather jacket over a white silk button down and a pair of well-worn blue jeans. Black leather boots completed the look. That gaze took it all in. Aurora, Dante and Helena. But the man said absolutely nothing. Helena's way of healing was far better than his own. Of course.. her's was magical and his was medical.

Ciemny Panna: Helena's frown gently became a smirk. "Careful with your promises." Then to Vayne. "Can she be treated by your methods, Vayne? Or is my intervention needed?" Regardless, and without needing to be spoken, Helena was not going to let Aurora die this evening.

Dante Keltar: He had to sit down. on the cold ground. pressing his hand on the wound. "I give my soul to the devil.... if it will save her."

Dimensional: He thought about it for a long moment and turned his attention to Helena with a slow shake of his head. "I could.. if I had the
equipment.. But I don't have the necessary means.. I think it best you do this." He looked back toward the two, pulling the leather jacket off and rolling it up to use as a makeshift pillow for Aurora.

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora's worst wound was on her right side, she had been stabbed with a thugs dirty blade, the wound was deep and the damage was deeper, it looked like the dagger had been stabbed into her side near just under her chest and then it had been pulled down carelessly and painfully in attempt to rip her side open, the bruises from being strangled by a large hand lay around her neck, she had a black eye forming on the left side, she was cut and scratched up in numerous places along her arms from the fight she had given, she was bloody from her own and her attackers blood-

Dimensional: "... The problem with a wound like that and my medical background, is serious infection.. internal bleeding and.. it's just not something that I can do here." The shirt pulled off as well left him in a t-shirt and he balled it up, using it to press against the wounds with an amount of pressure that probably hurt but was absolutely necessary.

Ciemny Panna: With that, Helena lowered gracefully to her knees. Her frown returned, giving a quick glance to the wounds - each in turn. Over the worst wound, Helena's hands hovered, palms open. Then she gathered her fingers into two fists, and made a tearing motion. From the wound, filth and bile came forth - concluding in brilliant bright blood. Then, hands reopened and she pushed aside - though not rudely as to hurt his pride - the t-shirt Vayne offered. He could stay shirtless. She pressed her hands over

Dante Keltar: Dante had some serous bruses on his chest and ribs. Black eyes and busted lip. He closed his eyes. fighting to stay concous. He moves his hand. seeing the blood cover his shirt. He let out a breath.

Ciemny Panna: the wound and slid them slowly away, taking it with her own blood. What was left behind was spotless flesh; pale, new, and whole. "This, indeed, was the most grave." She surveyed the other wounds. "These look to be less serious..." A pause, then her eyes shift to Dante. "Give her something to eat as soon as possible." And back to Aurora. "Would you appreciate my assistance with these other wounds?" Gesturing, in turn and elegantly, to the neck, the eye, and the scrapes and scratches.

Dimensional: It definitely wouldn't have hurt his pride. He knew that his way of doing things and her way of doing things were entirely different and despite the difference, he respected it. He moved off to the side and stood back up, occasionally glancing from each individual. A hand shot outward, catching Dante by the back of his shirt. Just to make sure the guy didn't take a face plant because he didn't look well. "I think this guy has a concussion."

Ciemny Panna: Busy with Aurora, Helena waved a hand at Dante and Vayne without looking at them. It meant, 'Instead of diagnosis for a non-existant chart, why not treat him?'

Dante Keltar: "I will..." He struggles to stay awake. "I use all my magic.... to heal her before, and stop the bleeding." He closed his eyes. "I am Dante... She is Aurora."

Aurora Thorne: -there was only a bit of a frown coming from her, showing discomfort at first, she hadn't recovered enough to wake up after having her air supply strangled out of her, so she remained quiet-

Dimensional: There really wasn't anything he could do about the guy having a concussion. It was just something the guy was going to have to wait out. Otherwise, he would have treated the guy. "Save it bud.. Just relax.. She's in good hands." In the mean time, he was checking the man out with a furrow of brows. Just to make sure there was not something he missed other than bruises and a busted lip.

Dante Keltar: Maybe some broken bones, ribs. He nods. and closed his eyes. "Thank you..."

Dimensional: "Dante, you mind if I just do a couple of checks on you and make sure you're relatively decent?" Unless the guy went unconscious, it was habit for him to ask if he could do a procedure. Some habits were really hard to break and that was one of them. It was ingrained in the man.

Ciemny Panna: Given the presently pathetic nature of the girl, Helena worked each wound. She stood, walking to a tree nearby and plucking leaves from it. Balling them up, she inserted them into her mouth and began to chew. Returning to her knees, she spits the compote into her hand and gently dabs a finger in it. Rather like concealer, she smooths it over the bruises, the black eye. "This will dry, and flake off. Don't touch it." And now to each of the scrapes, scratches. To Dante, in case Vayne failed to introduce himself. "Vayne Varekai is a doctor of medicine. He is qualified to examine you."

Dante Keltar: He had slip into unconsciousness.

Dimensional: "Hn.. well that makes it easier." And somewhat harder. He laid the man down on the ground and worked from the head down. ".. Seems like he dislocated his shoulder... and broke a few ribs.." He was more or less talking to himself, making mental notes that worked a little better if he said them aloud. He took the shirt and tore it in half, using it to bind the mans ribs. The shoulder on the other hand, best the guy was out because that was going to hurt had he been coherent. One hand set on the joint, the other brought his arm upward, navigating the joint back into the socket with a very loud pop

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora gave a little whine as she felt the press of fingers, even as Helena was being gentle, the touch to her face hurt, she did how ever seem to be slowly becoming more responsive, she felt the great pain in her side fade away with the healing she had received a soft grunt came from her at one point but she remained very still...trying to figure out what was going on around her-

Ciemny Panna: Having treated Aurora short of a complete ressurrection, Helena stands, rubbing her hands together to remove the residue of the leaf compote. Eyes shift to Dante. "He is handsome." A smirk on her lips, eyes shifting to Vayne. "I appreciate you being here. I'm sure he will, too. Or he would have." A shallow sigh, hands returning to a fold in her lap. Glancing about. "I hope this is an interesting story."

Dante Keltar: He had jerk feeling that. but he had stay out of it. "There''s a guy...' was he talking,,, out of it.

Dimensional: "What guy?" Oh yeah, give him names. He is in a mood anyways. The other half of the shirt was being turned into a makeshift sling for his arm. "He'll have to baby this thing for a few days or it'll pop out again." A glance given to Helena. "Mmmhmm."

Dante Keltar: 'that... ran.... stab him... in,,,,"

Dimensional: ".. Where did he run off to?" Quiet as ever. He knelt by the man, making sure everything was set and done before he finally relaxed. Or atleast he looked relaxed, it was a deception.

Dante Keltar: He shooked his head. slipping out of conscious.

Ciemny Panna: Helena watched with mild interest. Vendetta was certainly Vayne's thing. Not hers. "Shall I wake him for you?"

Aurora Thorne: -then memories came running back to the front of her mind, thoughts of the hot tub and the two ship-mates at the Dome and what they had been talking about..the two men had riled her anger....she remembered running, then...the alleyway, the big brute...her head moved to the side as she gave a small gasp...was she still there? no..she..couldnt smell the filth...she let another small whine come forth, her eyes still closed-

Dimensional: "Nah, let him be for a bit. His body needs it." A broad shouldered shrug given as he eyed the man, then the woman. Thoughtful as ever.

Ciemny Panna: Eyes shift to Aurora. Then to Vayne. "They'll both live. Do we stay?" Eyes traveling his bare torso without shame.
Dimensional: "That is entirely up to you.." A hand lifted to rub along the back of his neck as his attention turned back to Helena. "But I do believe our work is done."

Aurora Thorne: -Aurora's almond brown eyes opened and she flinched a bit at the pain, slowly reaching for her left eye, but she saw the dried blood on her hand- "uhh" -it was a groan that came from her lips, then she looked up, she caught sight through slightly blurred eyes of the woman-

Ciemny Panna: As though she had only just entered the room from a corridor, "Aurora, I presume?"

Aurora Thorne: -she tried to focus a bit better, nodding her head as she was addressed- "...yes, I am Aurora Thorne" -her voice had the volume to be heard, her tone just a little confused-

Ciemny Panna: A hand to her chest, indicating. "Helena Sedzia." Gesture to Vayne. "Vayne Varekai." And to Dante, currently unconcious. "Dante." To Aurora. "Are you able to recall what happened to you?"

Dante Keltar: He was stll out of it. not really feeling anything. which is a good thing.

Dimensional: A tip of his chin to the woman, studying her like a hawk in silence.

Aurora Thorne: -she looked from Helena to Vayne, then over at Dante, a little frown on her lips as she nodded, looking back to Helena- "aye I was attacked...in an alley.." -she wanted to kick herself for not finding another through street, she knew better, in Rhy'din no dark place was safe, the look on her face one of self-chiding, but then it faded some as she laid her head back, oh the headache she had and the thoughts that were running through her mind-

Ciemny Panna: "By whom?" Not impatiently, but her eyes shift to Vayne, then back to Aurora.

Dante Keltar: He sighs out, expanding his lungs. pressing against his broken ribs.

Dimensional: A glance given to Helena, then down to Dante. He reached out, tipping the mans head back. It would make it a little easier for him to breathe but not by much with those broken ribs. He was listening ever intently to what Aurora said.

Aurora Thorne: "..four.." -she paused and shook her head gently as she rethought- "no...five thugs....but" -she thought back to the attack on her by the big brute, she could feel herself tremble slightly but would try to control it- "the biggest of them...he got ahold of me...i punched him....got me up against a dumpster"

Aurora Thorne: "gunshots...voices. " -she was remembering aloud- "the others...were fighting..."

Dante Keltar: he seem to breath alot better. still unconscious.

Ciemny Panna: With another shallow sigh. "I appreciate the narrative, but I have not yet heard an identifier. Who are they?" Again, not impatiently. This was Helena.

Dimensional: He moved, standing beside Helena to look down at Aurora. That's what he was waiting for. Who.

Aurora Thorne: -she raised her hands looking at them, she had blood under her nails, her usually clean hands with those once nicely natural manicured nails most of them broken or jagged- "...i..think i...i gouged his eyes...clawed him up good" -memories were still a bit fogged about the whole thing, she looked up at Helena- "i..didn't know them...any of them...thugs..brutes." -she suddenly reminded herself she should have been stronger-

Aurora Thorne: -she slowly sat up and looked from one of them to the other-

Ciemny Panna: Helena blinked slowly, considering for a moment. "How did Dante find you?"

Dante Keltar: "aurora..." still unconscious.

Aurora Thorne: -she finally glanced toward Dante again and then, she lowered her gaze, but would face Helena- "...was probably looking fer me.....I had stormed out of a hot tub leaving him and a crewman behind....i was mad at them and ran from the Dome." -she thought and added to explain herself- "I am Quartermaster and Firstmate of 'The Swordsman" -she made a little motion of her head toward Dante- "he is the Captain" -she heard him speak her name but attention was on the others at the moment-

Dimensional: A slow blink and he was watching Aurora, curious. He wasn't going to ask questions. He was simply going to listen.

Ciemny Panna: "Do you think he knows the identity of your attackers?" She was near to the point of being totally resolved to wake him up.

Aurora Thorne: -she felt miserable at the moment, her expression showed it, an ongoing battle of her emotions was going on inside her, feeling anger, longing...pain and sadness, there was fear llingering there and the growing shame she felt in herself for not fighting the attackers off, her mind going back to the conversation the men had been having about her, her eyes closed- "...i...doubt it...he might have seen their faces...but I don't know what happened...once...the big brute had his hand around my neck"

Aurora Thorne: "i mean with the others"

Aurora Thorne

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Dimensional: Dark brows furrowed and he brought his arms up to cross over his chest. "Wake him up." It sounded like a demand, but Helena should know better.

Ciemny Panna: Helena didn't flinch from Vayne's demands. With two strides, she was beside Dante. Leaning over him, she pursed her lips into an 'o' and blew towards his snout - that is, his nose and mouth. Don't question the methods; they get results. After a few seconds of doing this, his eyes would pop open and he would be fully aware - if not a bit sore from his ordeal. Helena stood erect, and returned to her previous position, allowing Dante a moment to get his bearings .

Aurora Thorne: -it was when Aurora opened her eyes to look down at herself she realized how badly she appeared, she would quickly pull the swimsuit top so it fit right and wasn't so displaced, she pulled the leather vest closed but wouldn't take the time to criss cross the leather laces that usually held it closed, her almond colored eyes trailed down at all the blood, every item of clothing was matted with it on that right side, a furrow of her brow, then a wince followed damn her face hurt-

Dante Keltar: He jerked away. Taking a minutes they get his surrounds. He blinks. "Is she okay?" He hurted like hell. He groaned out. staying on the cold ground.

Aurora Thorne: -she pulled the black jacket she wears closed and tight around her and then her feet where brought closer, her knees up a bit she straightened the skirt and leaned against her knees, her head going to her knees to rest, she was careful not to bump her right eye, then she realized how bad her neck felt, her eyes closed, she just listened around her-

Ciemny Panna: "She can answer you." Another shallow sigh. "Since you are both back to the land of the living, I will take my leave." She began to slink away, though moved fluidly. "And Dante. Payment is expected promptly." Sliding her arm into Vayne's, with a lazy smile to him - an indication that she was ready to go.Dimensional: A glance given to the two as his arm crooked For Helena to hold on to. He paused, glancing down at Dante with a faint tilt of his head. "Whatever the payment may be, it would be wise not to delay." That said, he drew dark blues to Helena. "Ready?"

Dante Keltar: Dante nod. "I will meet you soon then." He would sit uo slowly. flinching under his breath. arm was in a sling and stomach was bandage. slowly moving to his feet. a grunt. as he moves aurora. "Thank you both for this."

Ciemny Panna: A single nod, and off the pair went. Offhandedly, over her shoulder. "It was nothing." Onward!Aurora Thorne: -she'd blink softly hearing the three of them talk of payment for services, things were still a but fogged on her mind, she felt Dante move close to her but she was still, with her head on her knees, at least she was breathing and awake-Dante Keltar: "Can you move?" He was stiff when he kneel in front of her.

Aurora Thorne: -she nodded her head, she still didn't respond very well to him at the moment- "yes i can.."-maybe she was still very upset about things, it was also in her thoughts that she had let those thugs get the best of her, her other thoughts amoung many was...something along the lines of....i am weak-

Dante Keltar: He moves to his feet, with his good hand out. "Lets go home... Aurora." He did wanted to yell at her from running. but seeing her bleeding to death done something to him. "I know you gotta be cold."

Aurora Thorne: -she felt him stand and would look up at him as he offered her his hand, she took it and slowly stood, she had lost a lot of blood and therefore she was physically weakened finding it very hard to stand up at first-

Dante Keltar: He wraped his good arm around her and moves toward his ship. He did stop and squeese her abit. need to hold her before anything else. "I am sorry that I upset you.'

Aurora Thorne: -her face kept expressionless at the moment, except for wincing some, she leaned against him to steady herself, until she felt him stop and hold her, hearing his words she didnt look up, she wasn't happy-Dante Keltar: "I love you.' He pulled away and moves back to his ship with her.

Aurora Thorne: -this caused her almond brown eyes to flicker a bit, he loved her? she might have been stunned, she slowly moved back to the ship with him, a few times her feet wanted to fall out from under her but she managed to catch herself or lean against him so she wouldnt fall-

Dante Keltar: Once in the ship and his chambers, He set her on his bed. He moves to grab some towels,doing the best with on hand. He grab a bowl and dipping it in.. so she could clean her.

Aurora Thorne: -she sat on the bed, watching as he moved around the cabin, her thoughts on what he had said, but there was that anger about what had happened at the Dome, she seemed distant, watching him dip the towel into the bowl, she would take it from him gently and start to clean blood from her face, careful not to touch the healing salve or that right eye, then she spoke as she worked- "...i'm sorry.."

Dante Keltar: 'Don't applogized. ." He needed to wash up, But he needed to rest, "Its my fault and Rae's fault."

Dante Keltar: He laid back on his bed. grimancing.
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