About time you're here, Dracina.

Dracina Hemdagg

Dangerously Psychotic
Yeah, you may recognize me as that Dracina from the Bhaalites. While I was told of this forum quite a while back, at my usual glacial speed of joining anything, I finally put together a representation of all of my characters here. You also might recognize me for my other characters such as Jamie, Mint, Alex, and a couple lesser used characters. Considering what my characters are like -ahem- :hm: they might find a few more interesting entanglements here aside from their usual adventures back at the RDI.


New Member
Wooohoooo! Welcome aboard the crazy train, all aboard! It's awesome you are here! I'm your resident Admin, GR/Pinkatron/or Mel if you prefer. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me anytime! We also have some kick ass moderators you can ask if I can't be found, and you've already discovered our Questions & Support forum!

I hope your stay with us is fruitful (and deliiiicious). Woohoo!
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