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Public chat setting (static rooms like The Brazen & O'Cleary's): CLOSED
Player made rooms: Always OPEN!

Good morning ladies and gents.

Do you have a kick ass setting that you want to add to GR to become a public chat room for all to fondle with their beautiful eyes and role play in? Have you ever wondered how in the world that would happen? Wonder no further my friends. Let's do this.

Things to Know before submitting your Chat Room/Setting:
Before you submit your amazing setting idea, let's make sure we're on the same page, okay? Okay!
  • Settings/Chat rooms must be for public use. To have your setting become a permanent part of GR chat room, it must be a setting that is not exclusive. Registered members should be able to play in your setting and interact with NPC's. If you would like more control over your setting, we encourage members to make sure of creating their own chat rooms!
  • Submitted chat rooms/settings will only be approved and added by community majority vote. Community majority vote will decide whether or not we add your Chat/Room setting to the site. The reasons for this is to try and ensure that it's a room the community really wants and will want to RP in.
  • By submitting a setting for GreaterRealms to use as a permanent public chat room; you are hereby agreeing that we may offer that setting as part of our chat room, freely, to registered members as long as GreaterRealms exists. Regardless of (and hopefully this will never happen) whether you remain an active part of our community forever. Credit for setting creation will never be removed. GR will never claim your work as our own.
How to Submit your Chat Room/Setting to GR for consideration:
1.) Create a new thread in this forum: Establishments & Businesses.
2.) Title the thread/post with the name of your Setting, and place [Chat] in the title, so users and staff can distinguish between a chat room proposed setting and a normal forum post.
3.) Describe your setting/chat room: Tell us what it is. Give us a picture. List or share NPC's, what it does, what's the purpose, where it is, what it's for, what it looks like, smells like, feels like. A rough idea of how you can go about it can be found here: This example isn't anything but an idea for how you could approach the topic. How you describe your setting or format your post is up to you!
4.) Keep any or all OOC notes if possible to the bottom of the post.

Please Note: If your setting is voted by the community to become a Default/Public/Permanent room here at GreaterRealms, moderation of said room is then placed in the hands of administration and staff; not the creator of said room.

There you have it. That's all you need to do.

After you have submitted your Chat room idea/Setting idea, we'll create a poll in our OOC section and let the community help decide.

Good luck and happy setting creation!


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September 24th: New GR chat public chat setting submissions closed. Please check this thread often for updates when submissions will be open again! Thank you! :dnc:
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