Axiom, panfandom || a peculiar island, a giant manta ray




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A modern fantasy panfandom, set on the original world of Yris: an island mounted upon the back of a giant manta ray.
Yris, revered as a God by some and a nuisance by others, is believed to be the force that "pulls" the current inhabitants onto her humble island.

With various guilds, districts, and a diverse character-base, the island is an interactive and lively place to be.
Seasonal events are hosted regularly throughout the towns, and the island as a whole has a relaxed, dynamic atmosphere.

We're a diverse, welcoming community based on Discord, with relaxed rules regarding characters and roleplay.
We focus on making Yris a friendly, laid-back environment where anybody can feel at home, and where nobody feels left out. Plot events that threaten the quality of life for characters are few and far between.
We have ICC and OCC interaction pushes, including weekly questions regarding your characters, and more to come!
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