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Dante Keltar

The Pirate
Name: Dante Mason Ketlar
Nick Name::
Job:: Acadia Ship Yard worker, Captain of The Swordsman
Sex: Male
Race:: Half Fae
Age:: 29
Height:: 5 ft 9 inches
Physical Description::
Hair: Black
Eyes: sky blue
Any Marks/ Tattoos::
Other Form:: None
Origin:: Acadia
Rhydin Current Residence:: Acadia
Martial Status/to whom: Single
Children:: None
father: Matthias Jeremiah Keltar
mother: Makayla Brianne Keltar
Madison Jamie Keltar 22
Talon Brody Keltar 16
Skills/Powers/Etc.:: Working progress
Odd Factoids:: Owns a orange cat named Captain, who he takes on the ship with him.
History:: a working progress
The Keltar line came from Scottish heritage, His linage came from Druid and the Queen Titiana, the queen of the Fairies.
Dante Mason Keltar , the oldest of three kids. Dante had a way with animals. Dante always been soft spoken, it takes a whole mountain to set off his temper.
His family owns the local stables, Dante can be seen there when he isnt working in the shipyard. Riding and help training the horses, which can be say they are finest horse flesh can be seen.
When he isn’t there, He will be under Captain Sebastian Immanuel Thorne, first mate on the ship, SS. The Swordsman, One of Greatest ship that often sails around waters of Arcadia.
They offen sail with the famous Captain Hook and Blackbeard, if they are not sailing under Pirate colors. They do trades and delivering the goods around the islands.


Noah Bird

New Member
Name: : Noah David Shimmerscale Bird
Nick Name:: The kid
Job:: Acadia Ship Yard worker (small craft builder)
Job with the Guardians: Runner right now
Race:: Black ice dragon
Sex:: male
Age:: 21 Looks about 25
Height:: 5 foot 10 inches
Physical Description:: Dark brown hair with Ice blue eyes, muscle experience.
Any Marks/ Tattoos:: few scars on his back where he was in the blast. Tattoo (right arm)
Other Form:: A small black dragon slightly bigger than his mother (could go bigger and smaller if he wants)
Origin:: Rhydin

Current Residence:: Acadia
Martial Status/to whom: dating Christa Jensen (FallenHunter) (on rocks.)
Children:: one on the way
Family:: The bird family, the shimmerscales, and some of the alcar
Skills/Powers/Etc.:: Firebreathing (Dragon), Telepathy, Cold and ice manipulation, Teleportation, Summoning items, Flight (Dragon), Telekinesis Odd Factoids:: Squire of Old Market: baron: Lem DeAngelo 3/18/13, a Dueler in the RoH rings History:: One night a pair of wrymm had sneaked into when Noah was only a few days old. He was a little black hatchling. They would have train him to be a fighter and hunter, Train him to act first than to think. He had become a great fighter and one day would have getting their vengeance on Icer and Arthur. Years of that happened, He was brain wash to train harder and push himself to brink. Being in the mountains was a different plane had age him faster, if he was in Rhydin time he would have been 16. Now he has the age of 21. But in same ways due how he was age, he was still sixteen. He had remain sensitive, and try to please his wrymm parents. He strike out against his wrymm, and set to find his birth parents. Icer and Arthur. He found them. And try to fit into the family. He knew he was off, and the dreams of death was there. A half elf had came into his life, blond and beautiful. That first time she came into his life, he was hers. A few weeks later, Christa had ended pregnant. And he was going to be a young father. Noah will admitted he is scare to death. Zack had started to give him some guidance, his birth brother who had went through Noah is going through minus being a father.

Awesome Incarnate

Awesome Incarnate
Name: David John Wilson
Nick Name: DJ you'll only find out her real name is you're lucky
Job: Professional bum
Sex: Female
Race: Flawlessly human
Age: 23
Weight: Now that's rude.
Height:: 5 ft 4 inches
Physical Description::
Hair: Chestnut brown
Eyes: Pretty blue
Any Marks/ Tattoos::
Other Form:: None
Origin:: Sebring Florida
Rhydin Current Residence:: Red Dragon Inn Rhy'Din
Martial Status/to whom: Single
Children:: None
father: I really can't say...But his last name is Wilson
mother: She goes by Mary
None I'm an only child
Skills/Powers/Etc.:: Ahahahaha none that I can say here. ;)
Odd Factoids:: She can't sing or dance but will do so when no one is watching.
She can speak fluent Spanish but doesn't let it be known.
She's also a good cook when she puts her mind to it.
She doesn't let anyone get close to her and relationships are a new and lost concept.
History:: a working progress
The result of a sex and drug fueled affair between a poor girl from the barrio and a wealthy white man.
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