Community Feasts

The Redneck

Starting late Wednesday evening the Dream Chasing Foundation, and its various arms and partners began setting up community meals throughout the city.

Trestle tables loaded down with a wide variety of mains and sides and desserts stretched four long, end to end and were set up under large pavilion tents in empty lots, or in empty store fronts. Seating, tables, dinner ware and flat ware are provided as well. The chill was taken out of the air by murmured spells set to last through the day.

There are no requirements for taken up a chair and filling a plate. For those who asked take-away plates were available as well.

By end of day on Thursday the pop-up buffets were broken down, the left overs distributed to anyone in need of the extra, and the set-up sites were returned to better-than-before condition.
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