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Night falls quickly on the tundra. The bitter cold drives even the sturdiest to seek whatever manner of refuge they can. Huddling your cloak further about you, a gaping shadow looms to your left. A natural cave is a welcoming sight as you lurch inside, eager to start your fire and rest for a bit. Takes some doing, but eventually your flint and steel cooperate and soon you have a meager fire, but enough heat to suit your needs. The small fire illuminate the cave only a few feet, up to five around you. Towards the right, the cave appears to stretch deeper, but it is hard to tell. (What do you do?)
Ebon Ilnaren: Not ready to relax until I'm sure my rest will be undisturbed, I heft my shield and step deeper into the cave (to the right), peering into the darkness.

Kuori: The intervening space between your fire and the deeper darkness falls within the natural gift of low-light. Roughly twenty feet ahead you can see two shapes lying curled on the floor. Their outlines rough and shaggy. (roll perception check)

Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 + 11 ( Result: 2, Total: 2 )
Ebon Ilnaren: (obviously I did that wrong)
Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20+11 ( Result: NaN, Total: NaN )
Ebon Ilnaren: (what's the format?)
Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 +11 ( Result: 16, 11 Total: 27 )

Kuori: ( backslash roll plus 11 )
Kuori: (er backslash roll 1d20 plus 11 )

Ebon Ilnaren: (space after 1d20, no space after the +)

Kuori: ( right )
Kuori: Beyond the mouth of the cave you hear the distant howl of wolves, and a closer answer not long after. The two shapes before you barely stir, yet you can tell they are wolves as well. By the ragged breathing, both are clearly females with child. You've walked into a wolves den when the bulk of the pack are out foraging to bring food back to the pregnant females.
Kuori: (what do you do?)

Ebon Ilnaren: "Hnnh." This presents a quandary. I leave the females alone and move back to my little fire. I've no wish to disturb them, but on the other hand, it's damned cold out there and if the wolves want to make an issue of it instead of leaving me in peace, that's their look-out.

Kuori: Time drags on as you sit and listen to the wind howl outside your little haven from the elements. The only other sound beyond your own come from the sleeping females further in from the cave. After perhaps an hour, three large wolves, varying in color from smoke gray to black as night, slowly come into the entrance of the cave. Hackles up and snarling they bare their teeth at finding an intruder in their home. All three lean back on their hind legs, watching you...waiting.... (what do you do?)

Ebon Ilnaren: I stare back at them, meeting their eyes. "I let your females alone. I have no quarrel with you, but if you want a fight, I will oblige." Since I'm sure they can't understand my words (unless they know Giant), I keep my tone level, not backing down but not too aggressive.

Kuori: Each one snarls and snaps, advancing closer while spreading out, but leave a route open. Out of the cave.

Ebon Ilnaren: I remain by the fire.

Kuori: The largest of the three rushes at you. (Rolling to intimidate)
Kuori: /roll 1d20 + 5 ( Result: 11, Total: 11 )
Kuori: (roll Will Save vs being intimidated )

Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 8, 2 Total: 10 )
Ebon Ilnaren: (did I do that right?)

Kuori: ( yes )
Kuori: The beast's charge unnerves you as it stops within inches. So close you can smell the stench of its last kill in every frosty breath. The other two are soon moving into flanking positions.

Ebon Ilnaren: I try to remember how to breathe. (am I restricted at this point due to the intimidation?)

Kuori: (No, you just have a -2 to skill checks due to the Morale impact )

Ebon Ilnaren: Since the (apparent) alpha male has decided to get into my face, I flip a coin in my head between fight or flight, and choose to fight before it lands.

Kuori: (roll Initiative!)
Kuori: /roll 3d20 + 2 ( Result: 18,16,4, Total: 38 )

Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 +3 ( Result: 11, 3 Total: 14 )

Kuori: The furthest away comes around the fire, moving into position with a snap of it's jaws (18). The other, a mottled gray comes rushing up towards your seated position.
Kuori: /roll 1d20 +3 ( Result: 20, 3 Total: 23 )
Kuori: Bite attack.
Kuori: and..that's a Crit. Rolling to confirm.
Kuori: /roll 1d20 +3 ( Result: 20, 3 Total: 23 )
Kuori: ........

Ebon Ilnaren: ( O_O )

Kuori: (I'll be nice and not roll the 3rd part of that. 2 Natural 20s is definitely a critical hit. 3 Natural 20s is like a Death Punch )
Kuori: /roll 1d6 +1 ( Result: 3, 1 Total: 4 )
Kuori: /roll 1d6 +1 ( Result: 6, 1 Total: 7 )
Kuori: 11 damage total.

Ebon Ilnaren: (btw, how tall is this cave?)
Kuori: (you can stand up comfortably )
Kuori: ( you turn)

Ebon Ilnaren: (is standing up a free action?)

Kuori: (No. Seated is essentially prone. To get to your feet would be a full movement action )

Ebon Ilnaren: I stand up.
Ebon Ilnaren: (attacks of opportunity... go!)

Kuori: /roll 2d20 +2 ( Result: 6,1, 2 Total: 9 )
Kuori: the Alpha fumbles....
Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 20, 2 Total: 22 )

Ebon Ilnaren: (Oh FFS!)

Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 10, 2 Total: 12 )
Kuori: Lunging at you, the Alpha misses and bites into it's flanking partner
Kuori: /roll 1d6 +1 ( Result: 1, 1 Total: 2 )

Kuori: Top of the order.

Ebon Ilnaren: "What just happened?" I ask of nobody in particular.

Kuori: If looks could facepalm, that's what the wolf across from the fire would do as it comes around trying to get into position with it's pack. The second wolf snaps at the Alpha and goes in for another bite at the intruding Jotun.

Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 13, 2 Total: 15 )
Kuori: (the bite misses. Feel free to describe Kyne not being bitten )

Ebon Ilnaren: That second wolf's jaws snapped shut just as I edged away, closing on nothing but scrap of hide that tore loose from the edge of my shirt. "Nasty pup!"
Ebon Ilnaren: (I can still attack as a standard action, right?)

Kuori: (This is your 2nd turn, you have full actions available )

Ebon Ilnaren: (are you considering Kyne's shield still "hefted" from when he checked out the cave, or do I need to ready it?)

Kuori: (You never described him setting it down when he went back to sit at the fire, so yes. )

Ebon Ilnaren: (plus, isn't his BAB +5 high enough to make readying his shield a free action?)

Kuori: (BAB doesn't have anything to do with donning a shield. Be the same as drawing a sword. It's a standard movement action unless you have the Quick Draw feat. And then it's a free action )

Ebon Ilnaren: ("If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can ready or drop a shield as a free action combined with a regular move.")

Ebon Ilnaren: (I have no idea what that means exactly, 'swhy I asked Anyway...)

Kuori: ( right, right. Sorry. Got my systems switched. It means if the shield is on your back, you can put it on "ready it". Or if you're holding it, drop it, as a free action. Then move and attack or do whatever follow up. Like dropping the shield to throw a acid vial. etc )

Ebon Ilnaren: Figuring the alpha should be my main target, I slam my shield into him.
Kuori: (roll the attack... )

Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 +8 ( Result: 5, 8 Total: 13 )
Ebon Ilnaren: (right?)

Kuori: ( yes )Kuori: The attack misses as the wolf drops it's head and leans back away from the strike.
[/size] Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 5, 2 Total: 7 ) Kuori: (the Alpha's return bite misses )Ebon Ilnaren: Following through on that shield attack took me out of range of his jaws.Kuori: As you focus with the wolf on your right, the one to the left of you adjusts it's position a few steps, lunging at your legs. Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 14, 2 Total: 16 ) Kuori: (does that hit? )Ebon Ilnaren: (his AC is 19, but if you're discounting the shield then it's 16)Kuori: (the shield is counted ) Kuori: Snapping low, the wolf goes in for a boot and misses by a bare margin. Kuori: (Kyne's turn )Ebon Ilnaren: Since that last wolf was so eager to fight, I oblige the little ankle-biter and try to crush its skull with my shield. Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 +8 ( Result: 15, 8 Total: 23 )Kuori: ( hits)Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d8 +5 ( Result: 1, 5 Total: 6 ) Ebon Ilnaren: (STR bonus, yes?)Kuori: ( yes.) Kuori: The wolf's head twists as it lets out a pained yelp, jerking it's head back from the strike and falls back. The third wolf rushes into the available opening, teeth ready. Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 20, 2 Total: 22 ) Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 2, 2 Total: 4 ) Kuori: (hits, no crit) Kuori: /roll 1d6 +1 ( Result: 4, 1 Total: 5 )Ebon Ilnaren: (this dice-roller is fond of wolves) Kuori: (5 damage ) Kuori: (5 damage )Ebon Ilnaren: "Aagh!" Though not as vicious as that first wolf's attach, that one still took a chunk out of my side. Ebon Ilnaren: I spat invective in full Giantish glory.Kuori: Sensing an opening, the injured wolf comes rushing in seeking revenge. Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 18, 2 Total: 20 ) Kuori: /roll 1d6 +1 ( Result: 6, 1 Total: 7 ) Kuori: Teeth clamp down around the ankle of your boot, its head shaking vigorously. Kuori: (all you)Ebon Ilnaren: "Son of a bitch!" Which probably sounds better in Giant, and is close to true as well. Injured boy gets another shield slam. Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d20 +8 ( Result: 6, 8 Total: 14 )Kuori: (on the button!)Ebon Ilnaren: /roll 1d8 +5 ( Result: 3, 5 Total: 8 )Kuori: A sickening crunch comes as the curved edge of your shield crashes down against the beast's nape. It releases it's hold and staggers for all of a moment before falling on its side heavily. The alpha howls in anger and makes another lunge at Kyne. Kuori: /roll 1d20 +2 ( Result: 16, 2 Total: 18 ) Kuori: /roll 1d6 + 1 ( Result: 5, Total: 5 )Ebon Ilnaren: (18 beats 19?)Kuori: (sorry! slipped )Ebon Ilnaren: ('sokay, it's late)Kuori: (it is, almost 2am. One wolf down in the last 30 minutes)Ebon Ilnaren: (call it? Kyne backs out and finds another cave?)Kuori: (It is 3 on 1. Tough for a level 5. Realistically for anyone )Ebon Ilnaren: (still been a good test... allowing for my atrophied gaming skills)Kuori: (very. Time is running about the same as at the table, give or take a minute or two to communicate intentions )Kuori: Thanks for coming out and helping!Ebon Ilnaren: It was fun!Kuori: Now imagine if we'd had more folks!? Kuori: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlM4WKvta5aodDY5bDNHMENhVlh5MDgtYVV3b0JvaUE#gid=0https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlM4WKvta5aodDY5bDNHMENhVlh5MDgtYVV3b0JvaUE#gid=0
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlM4WKvta5aodDY5bDNHMENhVlh5MDgtYVV3b0JvaUE#gid=0 Kuori: that is to the blank character sheet template. You pretty much have links to the d20pfsrd dot com site which has all of the text information.Ebon Ilnaren: I really need to create a character... Ebon Ilnaren: but now I need to go to bed.Kuori: Night!
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