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On April 19th from Rhydin sunrise to sunset, bring your children or spawn to Rhydin city central for an amazingly hoppy good time!

This family friendly event will feature games and activities all ages will adore, with non alcoholic drinks, food and fun!

Activities include:

Easter Egg hunt
Cordoned off in brightly festive pastel rainbow colors through the safest part of Rhydin City central will hundreds of Easter eggs be hidden and not-so-hidden. In fountains, shops, shrubberies and city gardens family and children can search for eggs all through out! Each egg has been infused with certified non toxic, non harmful wish spells so that each egg hunter will be rewarded with their most favorite treats or inexpensive trinkets to delight and awe the crowd of hopeful egg hunters!

1st prize: The most eggs! 24 count of light up jelly: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Glow up in orange, purple, pink, yellow, green, blue, red and all the spring colors! Pair that with adorably cute finger puppets such as bunnies (of course), baby chicks, kittens and puppies!

2nd prize: The second most eggs found! Hand made easter stamps and brilliant neon spring colors water color ink. Have fun yourself, or watch your children enjoy stamping eggs, bunnies, chicks, spring flower and more in this amazing hand made stamp and washable water color kit! Along with adorable ice cream pastel color erasers that can remove pencil, water color, acrylic and more!

3rd Prize: The third most eggs found! Pastel rainbow slinky toy! Watch amazing colors slink down stairs, in single or pairs, or roll over a neighbors rock! Rolls down stairs, everywhere! Create a living, breathing, moving rainbow.

Easter Egg Matching Game
For the developing and very young Rhydinian, or the Rhydinian learning common! At a festively decorated booth, pastel or bright baskets feature biodegradable eggs that have been pulled apart. On one end of the egg is an uppercase letter of the common language, (For example: U), somewhere in the basket is the other half, a lower case letter of the common language (for example: u). Players should match the uppercase and lower case egg halfs together. Everyone who can complete this is a winner! Prizes range from delicious chocolate treats to badges, bunny ears and more!

Hopping Sack Race
Along Blueberry Lane, aside the main thoroughfare in City Center, bright purple ribbons mark off 100 feet of racing lane decorated by giant iridescent eggs and racing banners. Each contestant that approaches the Hopping Sack race, manned by bunny earred attendants, will their own set of fluffy bunny ears thanks to an illusion spell for the race, and a rabbit festooned sack that fits each contestant. The name of the game is to have a hilarious and hopping great time! 1st place winner receives Ticket To Ride, a wonderful board game where players create and build train, space ship or wagon routes. Second place winner gets Boggle Junior, where players link pictures to letters and words, using six sided letter cubes and picture cards. Third place winner will get Blockus! An abstract strategy came with colored pieces akin to a popular Earth Game called Tetris!

ALL participants get to enjoy their illusion bunny ears for upward of one hour after racing!

Easter Bean Bag Toss!
Near one of the many majestic fountains, Rhydinians and family will find a massive propped board featuring the Easter Bunny. Beside the board are many baskets of pink, purple, yellow, green and blue fluffy bean bags. Toss the bean bags into the holes on the board and you could win! ALL participants walk away with a giant bean bag that can be used for hugging, sitting, squishing, or fun for sensory stimulation!

15+ Bean bags bulls-eye prize: Giant foam jenga! Stack the foam into a tower and then pull one out at a time. Whomever doesn't have the tower fall wins!

11+ Bean Bags bulls eye prize: Settlers of Rhydin Wilds! This game creates a new board and playing experience every time it is played, just like exploring Rhydin! Players start by choosing where to put settlements and then have to gather resources to expand.

8+ Bean bag bulls eye prize: Hoot Owl Hoot. A color coded matching game that features two levels so it grows up with the players. Hoot Owl Hoot is a cooperation game that players need to work together to win!

Just for Fun activities:

Bunny Bowling
Pins with cute little bunny faces, whiskers and ears have been set all around various areas in city central for family to enjoy casual lawn bowling. Knock 'em all down anyway you like! (Please be kind to bystanders!)

The trees are poppin'!
Every tree in Rhydin central has been rainbow-fied by beautiful tissue paper. Tissue paper wrapped around eggs, looped with twine and hung on every budding branch sways like delicate spring itself. Anyone can give a tug on one of the strings connected to one end of the tissue paper to reveal a delicately decorated egg for keeping, and stuffed with sweet treats from the various famous Rhydin candy shoppes!
(credit: studiodiy.com for photos and idea.)

Eggy Art:
Dotted beside large walls and sides of businesses are giant blank canvasses. Beside each canvas are actual egg shells cleverly filled with water color or acrylic paints. These egg shells are for anyone to use and actually toss at the giant canvasses to make egg art! Colors are of course, pastel in shades reflecting the riotous colors of spring blooming. Rhydinians are encouraged to make their own 'art' by tossing these eggs onto the canvass and anyone may decide to keep a giant canvass and proudly display it at home near their ice box or magical 'refrigerator.'
egg crack painting with paint filled eggs (art activity for kids).jpg

Right beside many of these giant canvasses are many do it yourself egg dying stations! The plethora of supplies for one to decorate their eggs is truly mind blowing! From simple food coloring dip, upward to intricate wax detailing and dying. There's truly something for everyone and every age!


Free for all! Chocolate dipped egg marshmallow pops. Shaped into an egg and dipped into milk, dark, red and white chocolate are egg shaped marshmallows on stick. Each one of these have been sprinkled with extra chocolate chips dyed in spring colors of pink, orange, green, blue, blurple and white!

Classic & Non Deviled Eggs
It wouldn't be Easter/spring without the classic deviled eggs! Many people in cute bunny suits from various bakeries will be carrying trays filled with deviled eggs. From the traditional just yoke and mayonnaise, to yoke, spicy hot sauce, paprika and mayo, to all the different and wild combinations there of! Grab and egg to keep your hunger at bay anytime!

Easter Chick Pops
The Earth Classic cookie, the Oreo cookie, has been dipped in bright yellow icing, with edible googly eyes and a tiny orange fondant beak topped n a stick for a very sweet eat-on-the-go treat!

Spiced Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting/Carrot Cake muffins
It wouldn't be easter without a bunnies favorite treat: carrots! Delicious, sweet and spiced treats in the form of cake slices or single muffins, topped with rich and tangy cream cheese and icing carrot can be found everywhere! Grab one on the go to keep your easter/spring fuel going!

Chocolate peanut butter eggs
It wouldn't be overkill, nor easter, without eggs everywhere! Home made chocolate dipped peanut butter eggs can be found too! Stop by any bakery stall to grab one of these amazing treats!

Lemon Asparagus Salad
Of course, it wouldn't be a true celebration without offering healthy and green choices! Greens offered in the form of asparagus, radishes, green onions, lemon zest, lemon juice, light olive oil and organic yellow pansies in a bright and festive salad can also be nabbed for those wishing for something less sugar!

Brown rice spring Risotto
Pair your Easter salad or ham with a delectable risotto. Chicken broth, olive oil, butter, leeks, and brown arborio rice paired with white white, freshly made and grated Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and time pairs well as a main, a side, or a simple savory dish!

Orange Glazed Ham
For the carnivores and non vegetarians, various Easter hams glazed deliciously with sweet orange marmalade, slow roasted on spits on the perfect fires can be found. A perfect slice to go with anything for those who enjoy baked meats.

Orange Slush Punch
Flavored with orange flavored jell-o, cherry jell-o, orange juice and ginger ale--this bubbly sweet treat is bound to be a taste bud pleaser!

Sparkling Pear Punch
Pear juice, lemon juice, ginger ale and fresh slices of ripe pear bring this fruity spring beverage to life.

Iced Teas
In remembrance of summers past and summer yet to be, various iced teas can be found all over city central! From the classic lemonade, to twists on lemonade featuring basil, watermelon, mint, lime, blue berry and raspberry--there will surely be an 'ade' for everyone!

Come for the bunny fun, stay for a hopping grand time! Happiest of Easter/Spring Rhydin!

What is this event?
This event is an easter/spring event.

Who can play in this event?
Absolutely everyone. Anyone.

Where should I write my character's reaction/my character's family reaction to this event?
Absolutely anywhere you want to. Reply right here to the event thread on GR (only if it's allowed on Rhydin.org) In discord. On Rhydin.org. In your subforum. In the public forums. Anywhere you want to and are allowed to.

How are prizes given?
The beauty of free form: that's entirely up to you. There's no limit. Everyone and anyone can be a winner. Where does your inspiration take you?

Will I get a token for participating?
ON GREATER REALMS: Yes you will!

ON RHYDIN.ORG: Unfortunately, as I have not posted enough with my Risa Jones account, I do not currently have the Nobles to purchase icons to hand out. I am deeply sorry about that, but I 100% WANT to hand out tokens/icons for anyone who participates. So when I get enough, I WILL give out easter-y/spring icons. If you would like to donate towards that happening, let me know! Donators will get an icon for thanks too!

I want to donate prizes or add games or booths for this event?
DO IT! Literally all and any is welcome. Feel free to reply with games, prize donations (for which games), food, drinks right to this even post on GR, or anywhere allowable on Rhydin.org. This is truly open! If you are unsure if it's o.k though, you can contact Rhydin.org staff to make sure you are following their guidelines, or me anytime as Pinkatron2000 on GreaterRealms, Risa Jones on Rhydin.org, or as pinkatron2000#0794 on discord. My display name will either be Sulissurn or Risa Jones on Discord.

I have questions!
See above to contact me any time!

Thanks for reading, and hoppy gaming everyone!
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