Easter/Spring Event Easter/Spring Event 2019 - Fae Wilds Abandoned Court

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  1. The reflecting pools. Tinkling softly, four sparkling pools surrounded by ancient stone inscribed with long forgotten languages sparkles in whatever light touches it. Soft pink blossoms surround, emitting a calming scent that is difficult to pinpoint. There's a rumor that those who look into this pool for long periods of time may be presented with a reflection of them selves; what they may look like reborn, renewed and filled with hope.
  2. Market Pavilion. This pavilion appears to have been built just yesterday yet the wood that shapes it seems old as time itself. The wood is a dark reddish brown with metallic flakes that are hard to pinpoint. It is a large pavilion and offered to any crafter or entrepreneur who may not have their own market stall or tent to set up. During the day enchanted fireflies laze about the lofty rafters, and at night they fall to illuminate the pavilion with pastel shades of spring.
  3. Raised garden bed & soft grass pathways. These raised garden beds (not depicted in artist's sketch) are filled with a riotous spread of flowers and soft patches of grass. Pansies, Dianthus, Irises, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocus, Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Creeping Phlox, Azaleas and more strange yet beautiful petals seem to giggle in a gentle warm breeze. These areas are also set up for various event festivities as they have the softest grass and the area is raised for a better view.
  4. Dance floor. At first glance, this appears to be the once glorious foundation to a building long gone--and that would be a correct assessment. However, as a body nears it they find that they can hear music. But only within the area of the foundation. Oddly enough the music is loud and joyous, and the floor itself is sprinkled with embedded blossoms that softly glow and change color with the beat...but when one meanders from the area the music softly fades instead of carrying. There are many benches for resting surrounding what must the area for dancing.
  5. Marble Pavilion. This marble pavilion is decorated with stone wild life and animals in many forms and types in the cycle of life, focused most on rebirth and beginnings. Here is the main area where The Easter Bonnet Fashion Show will be held, and winners of various spring or easter themed events may pick up their prizes.
  6. Entrance. Though this gate is little more than that, it is the one unmagicked, straight forward doorway leading to the only place in the Fae Wilds currently not touched by the crueler Fae spells or mischief. Party goers may enter here and photographers awaiting to snap fashion of the evening will no doubt be found there as well.
Getting to the Abandoned Court is relatively simple. A pathway of light shedding mushrooms leads those searching directly through the heavy mist filled with giggling fae toward the court. Party goers are encouraged, of course, to not stray off the path, but are assured it is mostly safe.

The area uncovered is expansive and welcoming, with grasses and flowers everywhere. Benches and stumps large enough to be tables scatter through the greenery, and there is plenty of room for many stalls, tents, or any area a crafter may wish to use to sell their wares if they do not wish to be in the Market Pavilion.

[[If you are interested in having your character or an NPC set up a stall to sell goods, please feel free to reply to this thread describing the stall and what they are selling for April 20th's Easter/Spring event.]]
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