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On the evening of February 28th, 2014 in O'Cleary's pub, RhyDin is officially invited to enjoy the Eros Day Ball. Indoor and outdoor dance areas, food, entertainment, and more will be announced during the month of love.

RhyDin citizens are encouraged to come naughty, nice, innocent or seductive to enjoy a long night of romance and fun.

((OOC: Ball details, setting details and Share-your-character's-costume-polyvore thread to come! If you are interested in sending in decorations, catering, NPC offering or any help in Eros day celebrations, please do not hesitate to contact me, reply in our Eros day brain storming thread, or go ahead and post! All and ANYONE is welcome to add to the fun of Eros day--Rings of Honor, Red Dragon Inn and of course, GR :hrt:
Members of GR who participate in Eros day festivities, either on the forum or in GR chats will be awarded a shiny new icon to display in their signatures:


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Eros Ball Menu

Eros ball menu | O'Cleary's Pub
Friday | Feb 28th
10:00PM EST

Agave Kiss
A delectable, creamy cocktail comprised of tequila, creme de cacao, Chambord and cream, served up and garnished with a chocolate rim and raspberries.

Fruity and refreshing, a drink with muddled raspberries and lime topped with passion fruit juice and Agavero and Chambord liqueurs.

Berry Sweetheart (non-alcoholic)
Non-alcoholic but full of sweetness, it's a mix of cranberry and apple juices with a little honey for sweetness.

A candy-sweet martini with Kahlua, Bailey’s, Creme de Cacao and cream. Garnished with shaved chocolate.

Aphrodite's Love Potion
Direct from Aphrodite's temple here in RhyDin, the tickling-pink, bubbly drink reminds one of champagne, until it's tasted. Priestess' from the temple assure patrons that the drink will taste different to each person according to their sweetest food and drink! Of course, it wouldn't be Aphrodite's or a Love Potion if it didn't come with a few very special extra side effects: including sudden school-girl crushing on your favorite date, a heedy rush of lust and a whole lot of passionate feelings.

Rose & Mint Champagne
Sugar, honey, mint and dried rosebuds create a gorgeous and tasty rose syrup that's perfect when mixed with dry champagne.

Oysters with Mignonette Granité
Broiled Kumamoto oysters drizzled in a sweet and sharp red vinegar and raspberry sauce.

Pepper-Crusted Filet Mignon with basil roasted tomatoes and red peppers
Generous hunks of delectable filet mignon cooked in a seductive red wine sauce paired with hand picked red peppers, tomatoes roasted with basil and olive oil.

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Bundles
Beluga caviar and sour cream spooned over smoked Alaskan salmon onto the center of a crepe, tied up with a bow of fresh chive.

Whole, fresh Strawberries
Whole, fresh strawberries served as is, or just the way you like them with choices of sugar dipped, honey glazed, whipped cream, or chocolate covered.

Black Forest Buttermilk Cake
Soft, dark chocolate cake topped with rich and creamy butter whipped frosting, sprinkled with shaved dark chocolate and cherries.

Mandarin Orange Chocolate Pie
Sumptuous cream cheese f flavored with hand picked vanilla beans, mandarin oranges whipped into a creamy filling settled into a solid chocolate pie shell.


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During the evening of February 28th, O'Cleary's pub will be decorated for the spirit of Eros and love. Red roses, red tulips, pink blossoms in strings and vases; glittering garlands of little cherubs with hearts galore will festoon the inside and outside of the pub. Enchanted candles will glow soft pink or red, casting the red light of affections on all who might visit.

Midst all the decorations and food will be game stations set for those looking to entertain themselves and other ball-goers.

Create Your Own Eros Day Card Stations
Miniature versions of the Eros day Love booth, stocked with glitter, pens, paper, hearts, lace and other crafty goods will be found within O'Cleary's for party goers to create their own spur-of-the-moment Eros day cards.

Pin the Arrow on Cupid
One (un)lucky party goer will be tagged as the evening's cupid (should they be willing) by the bar keep. Party goers will find children's bows with foam arrows or velcro bows to "fire" at cupid in "revenge," or for giggles. Winners who hit "cupid," will be granted one romantic dinner on the house at O'Cleary's to be redeemed as they see fit.

Kissing Races
Party goers interested in playing will be asked to form a line.If there are enough players, several lines or "line teams" will be formed. At the beginning of the line, the first person at the head must pass an Eros day card to the next person, and the next person must pass the same card to the next--all the way down the line until the end. The caveat of course, is that players are NOT allowed to use their hands. They must pass the card with their lips!

If there are enough players to form several lines, the first "team" to pass the card all the way to the end without dropping wins a bottle of Godiva dark chocolate liquer with an Ultimate Chocolate Tower gift box from Godiva.

Design your own Sweetheart Candy Cookies
Delightfully fluffy heart-shaped sugar cookies can be found at a cookie-creation station where party goers may choose a rainbow of frostings for creating their own larger versions of the traditional Sweetheart candies.

Music to Romance By
The evenings music will be piped through out the indoor and outdoor areas of O'Cleary's.
((To listen to the music, please consider (if you haven't already) downloading the free version of Spotify and then clicking this link: to load the Eros ball music and enjoy!

Participants that show & play during the Eros ball will be rewarded
on GreaterRealms and if possible The Red Dragon Inn as well :) ))


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A HUGE thank you to every one who showed up for the Eros ball and helped make it an event to remember! I was so surprised and pleased to see all of you there! Awards/Icons have been handed out on GreaterRealms to:

A Forgotten Lord
Andu Kirost
Bad Knight
Bobby Smithson
Cameron Godwin
Dirk Stevens
Eiellani Rose
Gypsy Entangled / Gypsy Lore
Jane Bunbury
Jessica Lucino
Kieron McEvoy
Kitty Helston
Nigel Alder
Practically Crawling
Rhiannon Brock
Rick Spade
Sabotage Chartreuse

If you were present on Eros Ball but do not see your SN here, please send me a PM and I'll give you your award ASAP!

Thank you so much again!
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