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Well! February has been quite a month so far, hasn't it GreaterRealms?

We had an unprecedented beginning of 2019 with generous outpourings of help and support by community members we didn't expect. @Ehzoterik , @Canaan , @The Birdborne all gave an immense amount in donations to help us transition from using a defunct, no longer supported ProChat, as well as pay for alternative forum software, Xenforo, in order to get ourselves a new room to play in.

Our sister site, Rings of Honor, started the new year of 2019 off with a bang as well! They netted themselves a gorgeous phpBB forum with an amazing front website and an outpouring of love and fun as well as role play in their Discord Server. (Pop on over and say hi!)

Your admin had a plateful of learning to do, but she thinks she did O.K. as a first timer with Xenforo and other areas. It helped that we could afford a purchased theme, as well as the advantage of a free premium Xenforo Add on thrown in (Node Grid) for the purchase. We had a bit of a bumpy start when the admin realized Xenforo merged sub accounts and mains together, but did her best to quickly scramble to learn how things could be adjusted.

We completely re-hauled our forum as well as chat room guidelines, clarifying and strengthening our stance on harassment. A getting started guide was completed and various other tutorials managed to be edited. There was a policy adjustment on character created and run sub forums as well since the site has slowed down for the moment.


The Shanachie theater is running a production of ONDINE, with Ondine being played by Josette Wheeler, Matteo played by James Willis, Giannina by Eeva Cohen and niads Pearl Fand with the Corps de Ballet. You can watch the ballet in character by visiting the Shananchie theater during show hours.

Over in the Rings of Honor, Olaf has won MegaBrawl, Koy has claimed FireStar. Rachael defended Old Temple and her barony against Lord Arithon. Elessaria was spotted telling tall tales at The Perch along with many, many visitors. It seemed a hit!


There's a rumor that pink-haired, overly annoying cheerful Risa Jones may be considering celebrating St. Patricks this year with the usual over-the-topness, though no confirmation yet.


This month has been a doozy, but wonderful. GR is and will forever be eternally grateful for all the help and community. We hope that we can continue to grow and our site will flourish for another 10 years.
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