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Happiest of March to everyone! I hope your St. Patricks day if you celebrated was a good one and that this month has been as good and kind to you as you have been to GR. Another month has gone by and it is time for our second Gazette, to keep you all informed on what's going on in the Rhydin verse from GR, to ROH and RDI.

We had some new sign ups after our transition from SMF to Xenforo and I was remiss in not mentioning them before hand! Whether you lurk or are active here at GR we are so thankful for you! Thank you,
@Lady Mags

--for being here!

This month your administrator worked on a few things here and there. There was an update to Xenforo forum software, as well as Siropu chat which was implemented without (I hope) further issue. Speaking of chat, a simple line of code was added to allow users within chat to finally view character forum profiles--so make sure to fill those out so fellow players can see your amazing characters!

There was also the purchase of an ad on called Medals, which surprisingly does exactly what the name of it implies. Medals or badges for event participation of March Merry Madness as well as some 100% silly and fun awards are up for grabs. You can see a modest but current list of all medals available here: GR AWARDS

Our domain, has been paid for for another year thanks to the community's donations. And lets face it, is a lot easier to type than our very old sub-domain, even for the admin. We are still nearing our yearly hosting domain bill of $119 due in April, which will take a majority of this years donations. If you'd like to see more add-ons or modifications here at GreaterRealms, consider our current drive to get Dragonbyte's shop <3

A Dark or Light style switcher was added for even more ease of use on GreaterRealms. As you may know, your admin is a fan of dark themes (dark like her soul) but not everyone is. So users can use the Light Bulb at the top of the forum to easily switch between the light (white and blue) theme or the dark (Abyss) theme. Keep in mind however, your admin didn't realize certain text colors don't work on white/light so I apologize in advance for any bright yellow fonts that hurt while using the light theme 0.0

Our avatar sizes were increased from teeeeny tiny to a nice 250x250 pixels square. Remember to upload a higher quality image to fight blurriness and to show off those beautiful (or scary) character portraits.

Only a few custom commands were added into our chat room and a Guest friendly room was added for those who may not wish to or may not be able to register can use. However, Guests cannot use any other room but Guest reception. The new commands can be found here: GR'S CUSTOM CHAT COMMANDS

As we are moving forward with Xenforo and are looking at our second month with the software, the ability for any member to change the name of a post author, or reply author has been removed and remains with administration. If you would like the change the name associated with a post or reply, make sure you are the owner of both accounts and contact an admin.

GR gained its first affiliate, a huge thank you to ABSTRACTREALITY for the exchange of buttons!

Some small visual and other changes: hopefully a clearer indication between stickied threads and normal threads, a SURVEY 100% anonymous for users to let us know how GR is doing, two factor authorization accidentally turned on now off, images added to node grids (node=Xenforo name for forum) that should not be too distracting, addition of gaming profiles to GR user accounts, additional smilies added and trophies now display images as well as a few new trophies added for forum productivity and even chat room messages!

PHEW. I thought I could keep this one short, I'm sorry!

Our first forum wide or chat room wide site event, March Merry Maddness was created. As anything in free form role play, how your character's react or play into it is never set in stone.

Over at, Eden Parker enjoyed winning the Spring All Ranks Tournament, 2019's Duel of Swords Madness Tournament approaches, Matthew Simon remains Overlord, Elessaria had a lucky evening filled with clovers at The Golden Perch, Bak'd celebrated Pie day with delicious baked pie and pis, Fashion Madness/Fashion week madness took Rhydins breath away, Mardi Gras left beads everywhere, the Hunters Guild called for the realms beast hunters, AND...Beltane 2019 is getting underway!

That's not all however! In the time it took to start writing the news letter, The End of the Winter Cycle Warlord Tournament had been announced, The New Haven Baroness faced THREE challengers in a row, the Solarium had four cherry blossom trees donated just in time for spring, Diamond Quest XCVII was announced, and the Great Stag Tournament returned!

Phew! Rings of Honor/ has been humming with awesomeness this month! Check it all out at!

Over at The Red Dragon Inn Celebration of the Dawn Goddess, Ostara begins on the 20th and runs to the 24rd and promises to be a bloomingly great time, and The Shanachie Theater is currently showing Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

GR's chat room and forum event for Spring/Easter is coming up! Visit the chat room on April 20th, 9pm EST to join the events, have fun, or just enjoy drinks and chit chat in character!

March Merry Madness will end on the 31st, and all or any participants should receive their badges by then or by the day after.

What an amazing second month. I have been learning so very much about the ins and outs of Xenforo, going back to my roots and doing research about role play in general, forum running and practices and have been enjoying trying to get my groove back. Of course, I couldn't have done ANY of this without your kindness, support, and belief. So here is to GR, another month of amazing stories across all the forums. Here's to next month and many more!
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