[GR] Test-Running The FUNDERDOME


Come to The FUNDERDOME this Thursday, September 18th to try out the new facilities available at Rhy'din's hottest new (not official in any way!) dueling venue!

Khoom Helston will be hosting from, oh, let's say 6-7pm? until whenever he feels like, which could be very very late in case you want to make it out to the official duels and then swing by! Any amount of visitors is a good amount!


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I'd say the first run was enough of a success to make a go of things, though keeping the room open until 3:30 or so Central is a bit tiring.

Big shout out to Bex and Raleigh for being our first officially non-official duelists, engaging in one of each type of duel!
Not that we're keeping track, but Bex leads Raleigh 2-1, and got him to promise to wear a speedo and a pink boa for the next dueling event!

Further thanks to Kuori and Jak for the pudding match that very nearly made the cleaning crew weep!

For anyone else wanting to come by to give this a try, Khoom will be back in the hot seat after 11 PM Eastern! Come have some fun!
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