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My name is Mike and I am 32 years old. I have been in the online role playing scene since the age of 14 as of June 12th 1997. I have been through various sites such as AOL(June 1997-Aug 2000), Yahoo(Sept 1999-Nov 2012), Voodoo Chat(Mar 2002-Oct 2006), MSN(June 2001), GCN(April 2002-Sept 2006) and TalkCity/DelphiForums(Mar 2007-Oct 2014) before finding my way here.

I first started role playing offline at the age of 13 in 1996 with my uncle and three of his friends playing 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Most of the characters that I have created in my years of online role playing have been inspired by video games that I have played or movies that I have seen. Though I tend to create original characters as opposed to the actual characters associated with them.

During my youth to mid teens I have been to numerous haunted houses, though in the year 2013 I decided to explore the behind the scenes aspect and I have been a Scare Actor since October of that year. So far I enjoy it and to me being a Scare Actor it is a lot like LARP.

Here is a recent picture of me

Pics from my place of work

Anything more that you want to know send me a message.


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Hey there Mike! Welcome to GreaterRealms! Yaaaaaaaay! :dnc: We have a Knowledge Base that has some nifty info for you, a questions forum if you need help, and as always, you can contact me or staff directly at anytime! Hope you enjoy your stay here! And happy hallo-scream!
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