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Easter is coming, spring is sprung! Join the one, the only, hostess-with-the-mostest pink addiction, @Risa Jones on Saturday, April 20th, 9PM RST to begin a night of adult spring celebrations in a special outdoor area of The Fae Wilds! Adult drinks, games, music, dancing, beautiful blooms and magical gardens await you! There will also be an impromtu spring market offering all manner of spring themed items--clothing, herbs, vegetables, fruits, magical and mundane! As well as games there will be a Ridiculous Easter Hat creation table and Fashion show, show off those bright or pastels with your best Easter cap for prizes as well as giggles.

Looking to celebrate with your kids? Take heart! All day in Rhydin City proper, children and family friendly festivities will take place all day on Friday, April 19th from dawn 'till dusk.


April 20th, 9PM RST* in The Fae Wilds (Chat) until the party stops.
April 19th Dawn until Dusk in Rhydin City square: family and kid friendly Easter celebration.

Easter/Spring Fashion Thread
Music for the Easter/Spring Event - to listen during the chat event or to inspire!
The Abandoned Court - Event Setting




Adult Egg Hunt
Ranging from small, typical plastic pastel eggs to larger, hidden all around the Spring Pavilion in The Fae Wilds are 'adult' Easter eggs. Various delicious and favorite liquers (as well as non alcoholic) can be magically found inside these hidden eggs. Enchanted specifically, these eggs just magically know what the handlers favorite drinks are. Collect them all!

Egg Kerplunk
Central in the activities are is a giant cylinder made of safety checked gauge wire filled to the top with many colorful pastel eggs. Stuck into the bottom of the gauge wire are bamboo stakes of rainbow shades holding up the eggs. Each player may remove one steak of bamboo at a time. The player that drops the least amount of eggs, wins a prize!

Egg Nose Races
A long strip of short cropped grass has been split up to five different sections which look like a race track. Players are given a RAW egg, and must race that egg to the end of the line by...using their nose to roll it! First one to make it to the finishing line wins a prize!

Easter Egg Ball Pit Hunt
A giant inflatable pastel pink ball pit is filled with bouncy, soft balls at least five to six feet high in some places. Inside the ball pit are some Easter eggs filled with random prizes. The fun is trying to fun them!

Easter Bonnet/Hat decorating activity + Hat Fashion Show
Easter bonnets, grass hats, top hats, and more plain and elaborate hats are settled out on a large table near the freshly grown bar. On the table are dozens of glue guns, glitter, fake baby chicks, every kind of Easter bunny you could imagine from stuff to ceramic to rhinestones. Ropes of ribbon, swatches of lace, packets of rhinestones, Easter stickers, paint, fabric swatches, real eggs, chocolate eggs and more hilarious, horrific, or cute craft items lay on the table.

Players will have fifteen minutes to grab what they can to create the most ridiculous Easter/Spring hat possible before the timer runs out. Once the time runs out, the player will then be encouraged to walk the dance floor in an impromptu Hat Fashion show. The crowd watching is encouraged to judge and reward their favorite hats with any prizes they see fit.

And those activities are JUST the first! As time goes on, Risa Jones is looking for any other activities to add to Children's Easter and the Adult celebrations. Keep an eye on THIS FLYER for updates such as food, market stalls, fashion and more!

There's even a rumor that @Pharlen may have something up her fun sleeve for Easter and spring this year, so keep an eye out for that!

There will be a chance to show off your spring outfits and glorious fashion right at the Pavilion entrance where several photographers and mages can snap a photo for you as a keepsake.

And more!

Event participation medal: 039-easter.png
Winning trophies: (TBA)

Out of Character: What is this?
This is an Easter/Spring role playing event that will take place on GR in forums, or on Rhydin.org on their forums, possibly in their discord if users wish, and an event that will happen live in The Fae Wilds chat room of GR.

What is RST time?
Rhydin Standard Time, which is basically EST or Eastern Standard Time.

Where do I post if I can't make it to the chat room event?
A thread will be created in the IC forum the city for those who wish to still RP celebrating this event but will be unable to RP it live.

Where do I post if I wanna have my character create an event that goes along with the theme?
AH YA I love that enthusiasm. As soon as any event thread such as kids Easter Events or Adult Events are posted you are 100% free to reply to those threads with any added events or games or ideas your character would like to add.

Do my own character created events on GR/Rhydin.org/RDI have to be on the same dates as yours?
Newp! Have a pre-easter event! Have one during! Have one the day before! Yay, events for all!

Where do I post to show off my character's fashion/clothing?
A thread will be created for players to share their character's clothing for the evening.

Where do I post to RP my characters kids or family friendly events?
A thread specifically for kid friendly events and activities in Rhydin Square will be created.

Where do I post my character's market stall or spring themed items they wish to sell?
A Spring Market stall and Booth thread will be posted.

Where can I find ALL the relevant threads for everything?
Once all threads for the event have been created, THIS post you are reading will be edited to link to all of them.

What if I want to add an event to this, but want to play it elsewhere like on Rhydin.org in their forum or their discord?
YES. DO IT! The more the merrier. Just remember to follow Rhydin.org's community guidelines. Unfortunately, rdi.dragonsmark.com have rules in place against off site RP advertisement so please do not link to GR or Rhydin.org as per their guidelines :( .

How can I have my character "donate" prizes, drinks, decorations or other items?
Send me, or @Risa Jones a PM with your character name and the donations you would like to offer. I will have them included in the games as prizes a.s.a.p.

I have a question that isn't answered here!
Contact me anytime here at GR as @Pinkatron2000 on discord as Pinkatron#0794, or as Risa Jones on Rhydin.org! I'll answer as soon as I can!
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