Heros in Us

Noah Bird

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Noah turned a corner of the street on one dark morning, something sweet and rotten hit his nose. Moving careful, a hand moves to his dragon sword that was on her hips. His blue eyes glance around, when the smell of blood came across him, he moves and follows that scent. It took a only seconds before he knew where that blood had come across, the scene was very disturbing in the circle of fallen bodies, what look a mess of a couple that had the throats ripe off and close to the parents two very small children whose fate was the same thing.

In the middle of dead was a barefoot woman in a torn bloody dress. The woman was beautiful, her ice cold eyes looks at Noah. A Growl low in her throat, Noah moves quickly, his sword out and ready. His anger flashed at what this monster. And she was ready for him, she strikes as he raise his sword, his time in the rings didn’t prepare for this. Feeling sharp nails rake across his face, temporary blinding him in pain , hearing a sharp pain, knowing his blade had found his mark. He shook his head, couldn’t see her when she was coming and sweep his legs, feeling his back touch the cold ground. He grunted. Feeling her lips against his ear.

“You are seem to good eat, Dragon.” Feeling her hand on his face. “But don’t worry my sweet one.” In a few minutes she seem to left him be, He moves up on his elbows. His eye sight slowly returning to almost normal. And he lifted a hand to touch around his left eye and pulled the way and saw blood. He pick his body up. Sliding his sword in its sheath.
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