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Household-Main Staff
The Varakov Family
Majordomo – Vasily (45) “Man of Work” – Mischa (24)
Seamstress – Marta (44) “Lady’s Maid” – Lily (18)

The Varakov’s can usually be found at whichever residence Ravyn is currently occupying, unless stationed elsewhere for business. Vasily (always referred to by everyone as Mr. Varakov) is only ever not at her current location if a crisis requires his presence at one of the others, and returns as quickly as possible. Marta travels on a fairly frequent basis to the seasonal fashion shows by designers Ravyn favors, and will attend alone if she is otherwise occupied. Mischa and Lily are often sent running between homes to fetch or fix things. Eventually, they will replace their parents in her household. Various cousins and other family members serve as household staff at her other homes. The Varakov’s have served Ravyn, in some capacity, for generations. All are fiercely loyal to her and to the family in general. (Mr. Sarnoff, who Ravyn recently sent to work for Cranston Reynolds, is a distant cousin.)
Vasily Varakov – Vasily was born in Russia, although he has worked very hard to lose any trace of his accent. Prior to stepping in to training to replace his father as Majordomo, Vasily took some time to explore the family’s other interests. If he ever removed his shirt, a multi-pointed star on each shoulder, and serpent with an apple in its mouth over his heart would be visible. Shortly after his 18th birthday, he took up his duties with her, and is now training Mischa to replace him in time. At 45, Vasily is in the prime of health, with dark hair, and dark eyes, and an air of command that brooks no argument, sometimes not even from Ravyn herself.
Marta Varakov – Marta is also Russian by birth, and has retained more of her accent than Vassily has. They are somehow related, although Ravyn has never asked how, and it is simply never discussed. Marta mostly concerns herself with the maintaining of the Closet, and the Vault. This requires her to travel and maintain relationships with most of the major design houses, as well as keeping an inventory of every piece in the collection. She also makes any alterations necessary to the clothing itself, as well as occasionally designing original pieces which she will have commissioned for Ravyn’s use. A year younger than her husband, she is all blonde hair and ice-blue eyes to his dark…but is equally no-nonsense. She and Vasily have fought once, and Ravyn is still touchy about the antiques she lost in the process.
Mischa Varakov –the Varakov’s eldest child, and only son, Mischa started in Ravyn’s service when he turned 18, having taken a similar path to his fathers. He also shares his father’s snake and apple tattoo, in the same location, but not the stars. Currently he does – whatever needs doing, and is the less likely than his parents to be ‘home’. Blonde, with his father’s dark eyes, he is much more easy- going than both.
Lily Varakov – the youngest Varakov, she has only recently entered Ravyn’s service. The image of her mother, she is nearly always smiling, and still very much in awe at everything she sees. Currently, she is only trusted to fetch items from other residences and help with packing.
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