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Hello and welcome! If you are wondering how you can help GreaterRealms become the community you've always wanted and dreamed of--staff have started the ground work! But members like you are what really help a community take off! Here are just some suggested ideas that you can consider to help your GreaterRealms community become a better place!

  • Post an introduction (if you want) in our introductions forum. Tell us what sort of RP you like and are looking for.
  • Check out the chat room and say hi to fellow players!
  • Gather your favorite rp partner(s) and play in the chat room!
  • Request your own subforum and write your character(s) stories there
  • Find an already created public forum and start writing!
  • Create an open SL thread or
  • Post a story featuring your character
  • Add your RP knowledge to our Repository! Submit a tutorial on RP or Xenforo, BBC code, posting and more.
  • Chit-chat and play games in our OOC forums!

  • Link to GR in your favorite forum's signature!
  • Display a small graphic on your blog, tumblr, website or journal!
  • Share a link to GreaterRealms on your favorite social media! Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook and more!
  • Tell your friends! If you're enjoying GreaterRealms and playing here, tell your friends who might be interested too!

All of our banners for you to download and use:
Affiliate/small link button

GR medium sized banner

Small avatar/circle button

Very large GR button/banner.

Share & Mention fellow players
  • Compliment fellow players on a job well done
  • Mention a character in live RP or in forums
  • Give a shout out using Xenforos statuses!
  • Like a member's post if you enjoy it to tell them you do
  • Compliment or praise a fellow player's role play
  • Create a public story line! From simple to complex! Dungeon master it up!
  • Create a public story line or event to hold and take place in one of our many public rooms! (Contact the admin for nifty little icons to hand out to those who participate!)
  • Volunteer to become the unofficial bar tender in rooms and sling drinks!
Role play Events
  • Create a quick and fun scene for live RP in the chatroom
  • Create a quick and easy plot for forum members to write about in the forums
  • Contact the admin for help with handing out or creating fun signature items or awards for those who participate in your Live RP events or forum events

Share your ideas and communicate!

These are just some of the ways you can help create the community you want to be part of! As a GR member, you're already half way there!
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